“The Disaster Artist” Gag Reel is as Funny As You’d Expect

“The Disaster Artist” Gag Reel is as Funny As You’d Expect

You might expect that the gag reel to The Disaster Artist would be extremely funny, and you’d be right to expect it. A lot of the bloopers seem to be the cast getting the giggles, which is funny since it’s still better than the movie they’re spoofing by mile and miles. If you don’t know the movie that this is a parody of then you might need to bite the bullet and watch The Room. I can’t believe I just said that but I did. Then you might get an idea of why everything seems so funny. At the very least Tommy Wiseau seems to have been a good sport when it came to James Franco playing him in the movie. But then he believed that The Room was a blockbuster too.

Parodies are inherently funny since they’re making fun of something that a lot of people either loved or that people agreed was just flat out horrible. In this case it’s the latter since no matter what a handful of people say The Room was perhaps one of the absolute worst movies ever. Even if Rotten Tomatoes decided to somehow give it a decent rating just out of spite or because they were feeling generous there was no redeeming the movie. The plot and the acting were simply horrible, and in truth the gag reel for The Disaster Artist has more gripping plot than The Room. That’s when you know a movie is honestly and truly bad, when a blooper reel could possibly gain more fans than the movie that’s being parodied.

It seems like a lot of times during the movie the actors were simply having a rough time trying to sort out just how to get the lines out and when to hit their marks. This seems kind of common for any movie that’s essentially a parody or is without any doubt a spoof movie. While it looks like it might be a fun time there is usually a time issue and the idea that they only have so many takes to get it right. But at the very least it shows you that even seasoned actors can suffer a misstep now and again. Both Francos seemed to have a bit of an issue in getting their lines across now and then and the other actors were slipping up too occasionally. You kind of have to wonder if the absurdity of the movie they were parodying had something to do with it or if these were just honest to goodness mistakes that they couldn’t always avoid. It was probably the latter but it’s easy to blame it on the former.

The Disaster Artist was apparently not supposed to be just a comedy but like The Room it was made that way by the fact that the initial film was just so horrible that there was no other way to portray it. Tommy Wiseau managed to run up a $6 million dollar budget and amazingly has made his money back and more.

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