Dig Season 1 Episode 4 Review: “Prayer of David”


The spring TV season’s deepest mystery is getting twistier and twistier, but at least some answers are finally starting to shake out. As the pieces of the puzzle on Dig come together to make a clearer picture, the situation becomes even deadlier.

Peter’s quest to find justice for Emma is turning into an obsession, which slightly annoys his partner and infuriates Lynn as she is taking the heat for his actions, albeit at the hands of a dirty US ambassador. Luckily, Cohen doesn’t think Peter’s completely insane, even if Peter has been going through religious archives in the middle of the night. Peter tells Cohen his theory, and then asks for his help to figure out the rest. It turns out the plan is for the Jews to rebuild the Temple Mound, thereby royally maddening the Israelis and causing WWIII. Suddenly all of the pieces of the puzzle fit: the red heifer, the pure 13-year old Jewish boy, and the stones. Through Cohen’s uncle, we learn that an ancient sect called the Sons of Right had been protecting the war tablet, which depicts the locations of all of the stones, before it was relocated to the local museum. Sure enough, by the time they get to the museum to take a look at the tablet, it is gone, and the museum curator is dead.

With a high tech scanner, and the clues that Emma provided before her death, Peter and Cohen are able to identify the code to reading the tablet. This leads them to three mosaics depicting the Prayer of David in Rome, Istanbul, and finally in Megiddo, Israel, which also happens to mean Armageddon.  Unfortunately, they are stumbling upon this at the same time as the bad guys, and Peter and Cohen end up being too late to get the stone back.

At the same time, Avram is further making his way into a world that is completely foreign to him, with more modern ways of living, and even girls. Now in Croatia with the red heifer, it is more important than ever that he blend in and not arouse suspicion. Not easy for an extremely devout man used to living in isolation. As soon as he starts to let his guard down, he is reminded of his religious beliefs and isolates himself once more. This is where it starts to get creepy, as a man who has been following him bathes naked in sand, and then walks into the barn in a white robe acting like he and the calf are best friends.

Of course, we couldn’t complete this week’s puzzle without talking about the Land of the Creepy and Disturbed. After trying to escape last week, Debbie is now being held prisoner, refusing to eat meals, and is considered in need of “recovery.” All she wants now is to go home to her family, and coincidentally, her brother Charlie is hot on her trail. With no knowledge of what he’s walking into, Charlie busts into the compound demanding to see Debbie but cannot find her and is instead sent on his way with her belongings, but he realizes too late that Debbie would never voluntarily surrender her ring. Debbie knows what is true and refuses to apologize for being used by a corrupt religious group. Therefore, her fate is then decided by a warped 13 year old boy.

Is it better that the bigger picture is being revealed, or is it too disturbing a picture?

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