Difference Between 911 and 911 Lone Star

911 Peter Kraus

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While there has always been an excessive amount of police, medical, and emergency service drama series, one of the most exciting and intense series of the such in recent years came from American Horror Story and Glee creator Ryan Murphy in the form of 911, his first responder drama series. Anyone, even those such as myself that watch such drama series, knows that there are too many similar shows, but what Ryan Murphy did has separated itself from the others like it and before it. 911 has separated itself, not only as it came from Ryan Murphy but also because it took a different approach in various ways compared to the other series its been compared to. Below, we’ve detailed the two 911 series by Ryan Murphy, 911 and 911 Lone Star, and the differences between the two, still somewhat new series to the emergency procedural drama genre.

Rob Lowe 911 Lone Star

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Ryan Murphy

Before we dive into the two shows’ direct differences and overall dissection, we’ve discussed Ryan Murphy, the incredible mind behind some of the most noted television series in recent years, and additional work on Netflix and beyond. While 911 and 911 Lone Star have been getting more seasonal releases than the average show, Ryan Murphy has still been constantly busy with other work, such as the regular new seasons of American Horror Story, American Horror Stories, and Dahmer on Netflix. However, beyond all of the above-listed projects in which Ryan Murphy has been involved, the first that gained him the most attention would surprise most today, with Glee, the teen musical drama. While he gained his notoriety with Glee, Ryan Murphy had another series on FX before Glee or the infamous horror series American Horror Story, Nip/Tuck. By the time Nip/Tuck reached its final season, Glee was making its way at Fox. It wasn’t long after that American Horror Story was born and became so popular that it spawned an anthology spinoff, American Horror Stories. Now, although Murphy has been considered a horror genius due to his horror series, even though he created the musical hit Glee, he went another genre further with his emergency procedural drama 911 and its spinoff 911 Lone Star.

911 Angela Basset

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The first difference between 911 and Lone Star would be the premiere date of 2018 compared to 2020, and in all honesty, while 911 started first, the cast of Lone Star has been more prolific to the average viewer. Two years may seem like a short time for a spinoff series to emerge from another, but with the overactive mind of Ryan Murphy and the two different atmospheres between 911 and Lone Star, it felt just right. 911 is in Los Angeles, while Lone Star is in Texas. The location, however, rarely makes a difference outside of the accents, as the disasters are almost always related to human idiocy between both series. One familiar face to 911, the first show of the 911 franchise that viewers may have been surprised by, was Angela Bassett of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story and Black Panther. 911 typically follows a group of firefighters and paramedics from the 118 firehouse of Los Angeles, but other characters, such as Angela Bassett’s police officer character, also get featured often. Other cast members of 911 include Peter Kraus, Oliver Stark, Aisha Hinds, Kenneth Choi, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Guzman, and other actors, like reoccurring roles and even more notable actors that have rotated out of the show, such as Connie Briton and Rockmond Dunbar.

911 Lone Star

Credit: 911: Lone Star/Fox

911: Lone Star

As stated above, Lone Star had a more outstanding cast than 911, with its leading character being portrayed by Rob Lowe, and although the series takes place in Texas, Lone Star took place on the first day of his character’s move from New York to Texas, along with his son for his new job. Along with Rob Lowe’s portrayal of his character, other actors featured in the Ryan Murphy procedural drama that hosts vast differences from itself, Lone Star and 911, include Ronen Rubinstein, Sierra McClain, Jim Parrack, Natacha Karam, Brian Micheal Smith, other actors, and ex-cast members Liv Tyler and Derek Webster. Like 911, Lone Star had its share of characters no longer on screen, although Lone Star has been on television for less time. While there have been vast differences between the two fire stations on 911 and its Texan counterpart, the premise remained the same to save as many lives as possible as often as possible, whatever it takes, something that can be noted from the extreme actions the characters take the get the job done, which may be the ultimate Ryan Murphy factor.

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