Destroy All Humans! 2- Reprobed Is A Surprise Announcement For Fans

Destroy All Humans! 2- Reprobed Is A Surprise Announcement For Fans

Destroy All Humans! 2- Reprobed Is A Surprise Announcement For Fans

Destroy All Humans 2 -Reprobed is the remake of the initial sequel that came out for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox back in 2006. The reshaping of this follow-up is being helmed by Black Forest Games, which are the same developers who also remade the first Destroy All Humans. This follow-up takes place ten years after the first adventure with Crypto. The original Crypto from the first game is dead and his clone is now taking the mantle of being the playable character this time around. He was made with more “pure DNA” which gives him more of an edge in a number of ways. Posing as the President of the United States, Crypto has had his cover blown by the KGB. Not only that, but they also manage to nuke his Mother Ship into cosmic dust. Now, Crypto must seek revenge against the KGB and put an end to their plans of taking over the world.

The Destroy All Human games were always “tongue and cheek” with their storytelling and, let’s face it, players don’t play these games for their stories. It is the goofy, sandbox format that reel players in. The carnage that ensues in these games is somewhat reminiscent of the old Rampage games of yesteryear. Playing as a beastly or alien threat that is stomping humankind into oblivion can certainly have its jollies. However, back when the PS2 and Xbox were in their infancy, developers will experimenting will all kinds of physics-based software. This is where the true fun of these games shines. It is really all about wreaking havoc while accomplishing missions using advanced Furon weaponry.


Prepare to Die, Earth Scum!

Many gamers mistook these games as an open-world sandbox. However, this isn’t the case. Even though Crypto is free to explore and play around in the rather vast levels, Destroy All Humans is actually a linear affair. This sequel addressed many of the problems that the original installment had. This time, Crypto can call his ship to come to his location. This helps with the annoyance of constantly backtracking to its parking spot. Thus, completing challenges can unlock new saucer landing pads that can help players out in a pinch. After the Mother Ship was destroyed, data cores were scattered all over Earth. Finding them will be able to unlock new weapons. Yes, Destroy All Humans 2 -Reprobed comes will five new weapons in HD resolution.

It comes as no surprise that this remake is going to come with an updated resolution and framerate. Given the colorful trailer, this remake actually looks quite nice. Even more so by the new tools of destruction that are available. The newest toys that Crypto has access to are things like The Meteor Strike and The Burrow Beast. The former launches three meteors at targets to decimate them, while the latter unleashes a Graboid-like beast onto the ground to eat humans. Of course, there are things intertwined into the arsenal that echo the culture and timeframe of this installment. Given that Destroy All Humans 2 -Reprobed takes place in 1969, there is a “Free Love” attack that stuns enemies by forcing them to dance to disco music. This distracts the humans and enables Crypto to escape. It is silly things like this that give these games their charm the same way the PS3 Ratchet and Clank and Rayman did.

Flight Of The Devastator

Crypto will be visiting some new locations in Destroy All Humans 2 -Reprobed. Everywhere from London, San Fransico, Siberia, Tokyo, and even a KGB Moon Base called Solaris will be accessible. Plus, the UFO now comes with a cloaking ability to help sneak around for surprise attacks. This also comes in handy for a quick getaway while under heavy fire. Another feature that comes with the saucer is the “Abducto Beam.” With this, places can suck humans up like a vacuum into the ship. Then, they will become subject to experiments in the Gene Blender. This is basically how Crypto can build up XP to upgrade his abilities. Naturally, Crypto’s ship will be instrumental for major gameplay moments. Even though Crypto is a rather dangerous being on foot, the UFO is custom-made to crush entire buildings.

Crypto is a nimble little Furon that can be a hard target to hit. This is especially true with his jetpack that is holstered to his back. In this sequel, Crypto will still have his jetpack but will have a bigger battery. He can run, jump and strafe around his enemies with tight movements. With this remake, everything will naturally be smoother, faster, and more elaborate. Not to mention that players can toy around with the Anti-Gravity Field which can pull anything into its core like a black hole. Everything from vehicles, animals, and even humans will be pulled into its vortex which will ultimately explode. There is even a co-op mode where players can play together. They can play the entire story together and even just toy around the maps. On top of that, there are minigames available. Games like PK Tennis and even Duel can be played. It leaves one to wonder if Black Forest Games is trying to revitalize this series, or if they are just strictly want to focus on remaking old games. Destroy All Humans remake actually sold 1 million copies. So, there is still a fanbase with this game, even after all these years.  Maybe with enough attention, a bonafide next-gen sequel could be in the works? Only time will tell.

Phoning Home

Destroy All Humans 2 -Reprobed was announced accidentally. A leaked trailer dropped merely a week ago and Black Forest Games basically decided to just let the cat out of the bag. So, now that this announcement is official, playing the first Destroy All Humans remake might be in order. There is not exactly an epic story to digest, but it’ll provide a good introduction to the gameplay mechanics. These games have been given generally favorable reviews over ten years ago and it appears that it still holds up. They may be showing their age, sure but sometimes old IPs are worth revisiting as a reminder of how far the gaming community has come. Expect Destroy All Humans 2 – Reprobed to be released sometime in early 2022.

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