Desperate Housewives 6.06 “Don’t Walk On The Grass” Recap

So despite Desperate Housewives having some hilarious gut busting moments last night, I couldn’t help but mutter “filler episode” to my mother on the overall context of the episode. We did learn new things, but they were miniscule at best as other storylines contiuned on the train to Sweepsville. Oh and by the way, this week’s theme was follow the rules… or else. So let’s get down to it shall we?

Bree To Walk The Isle A Third Time?

When Bree finally decides to end the relationship with Karl, because she is getting too close in the heart department, he pulls out a brooch that his grandmother gave him and gives it to Bree. He then adds that his grandmother told him to give the brooch to the right woman when he finds her and that he loves Bree. She falls like puddy in his hands.

Later, Bree and Orson have dinner with Mayer-Delfinos and as soon as Susan sees Bree wearing the brooch, she is shocked.

Because it is Susan’s brooch that Karl to her when they were married.

Bree doesn’t believe it at first, but Susan confirms it as she reads the inscription on the back of the brooch. Susan reveals that she thought she lost it and can’t believe that Bree found it. And who decides to pick up Julie at the perfect time? Karl.

Man, that guy is a piece of work! While Karl looks stupid and Bree looks pissed, they concoct that Bree bought the brooch at an antiques shop in town. Bree then offers to return the brooch to Susan, making it clear to Karl in the most subtle way possible that she is not pleased. Susan says she will reimburse the cost of the brooch, but Bree says it was a “steal”.

The next day Bree tells Karl that it is off between them and they get in a battle of ethics with Karl using Bree’s storage of her stuff from Orson and Bree using the brooch and Karl’s treatment of Susan after it came up ‘missing” as ammo for each of their cases. Bree’s about to through the towel in, when Karl proposes to her.

Um, come again?

When Bree stumbles over her words, Karl turns up the ‘charm’ and the smarm to get Bree to listen, stating that he really wants to change for the better and wants to start his new life with Bree. Karl tells Bree to think on it when she still doesn’t answer and she leaves afterwards.

Later, Bree has tea with Susan and she gets scoop on Karl’s antics. Susan tells her that every time Karl bought her a gift that it was because he cheated on her. Bree wonders if Karl was good for anything besides good sex, which is what Susan lists as most the only good thing that did come out the relationship. But Susan says that if Karl had of ever asked her for forgiveness just once then things might have been different. This brings hope to Bree and Susan gives Bree the brooch saying that the only jewelry she should be wearing is Mike’s. This is the most mature I have seen Susan all year.

A day or two later, Bree tells Karl that she will not marry him until he finalizes her divorce and until then there will be no sex for a month. Karl feels like Bree’s asking for too much, but Bree informs Karl that she has a lot at stake with their relationship by losing Susan’s friendship an incurring the wrath of Orson. She won’t make that type of risk unless she knows that Karl is worth the drama. Bree then gives Karl back the brooch and says that he can give it to her when he feels that she really deserves and when he’s ready to actually mean what he is says about changing. Don’t hold your breath, Bree.

Gaby Solis – A Home-schooling Mother?! AAAGGGHHH!!!!

After Juanita slips up and says a curse word during her school play, Gaby and Carlos are called to the principals office to discuss Juanita’s punishment. The principal, who is one mean biddy, announces that Juanita is to be pulled from the school play, apologize to everyone who witnessed the incident, and to help in cleaning the cafeteria. Wait, what? Juanita is only seven years old so when in God’s name will she have the time to help with cafeteria cleanup duty while she’s at school? I know recess is a possibility, but doesn’t that vary per day? Anyway, Gaby (like me) has a hard time with the last punishment, but Carlos sits there and agrees with everything the principal says. When the conversation gets heated between Gaby and the principal, whose name is Mrs. Peterson, Gaby curses the woman out (we can’t hear what was said due to the class bell ringing and FCC watching) and Juanita is kicked out of school indefinitely.

When Carlos can’t find another school to take Juanita so late in the semester, he says that Gaby has to home school her. Gaby laughs it off (me along with her), but Carlos is serious. After some reluctance, Gaby tries to get Juanita to learn, but Juanita is being a brat about the entire process and gives Gaby hell. When Gaby asks Carlos to handle the situation, he blames it on Gaby and says that Juanita has a right to be mad at Gaby, because it was her fault that Juanita can’t see her friends at school; all because Gaby’s defensive about being a bad mother. While Gaby tries to tell Juanita why she did what she did, Juanita only wishes that she could have been punished instead of what she is enduring now. Gaby apologizes and asks Juanita if she is a good mother.

Juanita changes the subject, but never answers the question, leaving Gaby stunned a little hurt.

That’s deep

Cheating To Survive

Lynette awakes to Tom bringing in two college kids who are drunk off their keysters. Lynette tells Tom that he didn’t go to college to be Big Man on Campus, which Tom totally gets despite his college bud puking in their kitchen sink.

Later when Gaby comes over to get a globe for Juanita, Gaby notices that Lynette is picking up weight. Lynette doesn’t reveal the truth, but before they can get deep in the conversation Lynette gets a call from someone asking where Tom was with the kegger.


Lynette rushes to the party and discovers the two boneheads who were with Tom the other night. They say that they aren’t really that close to Tom, but Lynette wonders then why is Tom doing favors for them. When the boys don’t answer her, she takes their watermelon which has needles in it with what I think is a date rape drug in the syringes. Lynette threatens to burst the watermelon, but the boys reveal that they gave Tom answers to a midterm and that he is only paying them back. Oh, that will do it.

When Lynette gets home, Tom is there and she asks him why did he cheat. Tom says that the class is a mandatory class, but it has nothing to do with his major and that he was drowning and needed help. Lynette still doesn’t think that is a good excuse to cheat, but Tom brings up Lynette’s scheme of hiding her pregnancy from her job and Lynette claims that is totally different. How so, Lynette?

Lynette says that she doesn’t need Tom to send bad messages to the kids about cheating and Tom retaliates that Lynette is in the same boat he is in no matter how she slices it. Tom then says that there are sometimes in life where you have to break the rules to survive and I yell an “Amen!”, because he is so right. Tom then tells Lynette to not act inferior about the matter, because she is no better than he is in the moral department.

How about them apples, Lynette?

Katherine’s Crazy Moments of the Week

Katherine visits Susan and tries to call a truce by having a barbecue, but Susan sees through the crazy and declines the offer. Katherine then screams lawsuit, because of the shooting incident last week. Susan freaks and buckles under pressure when she should have slapped the hell out of Katherine and kicked her out of her house. What happened to crazy car-dropping Susan from a couple of weeks ago?

Late one night, Mike gets a call about a plumbing job and he tells the client to wait till the next morning. When he reveals that it was Katherine, Susan rushes him over there in fear of a lawsuit. When the get there, Katherine is in a sexy lingerie get up. Mike plays dumb, while Susan sharpens her claws. When Susan goes upstairs (which is where Katherine initially said she was having plumbing problems), she is met with a romantic setting featuring rose petals, candles and champagne waiting. Katherine finds Susan in her room and the banter flies. When Susan calls Mike up to see the debacle, Katherine tries to cover her tracks, but when they reach the master bathroom there are candles and a nice bubble bath going. Susan has had enough, but Katherine pulls the blackmail card and Susan says fine and shoves a piece of candy in Katherine’s face igniting a scuffle that ends both of them into the tub.

Alexis and Krystal in the lily pond this isn’t my friends.

Angie’s Mother

It’s Angie’s mother’s birthday and she is feeling nostalgic. Katherine burst into the “Bolen” house to talk about her latest scheme against Susan. Then Katherine gets nosy and starts asking questions about Angie’s picture and her mother, who Angie says passed away. But Angie is not in the mood for Katherine’s shenanigans and tells her that the drama between Katherine and Susan is Katherine’s business alone.

Later, Angie takes a prepaid phone and calls her mother, who really isn’t dead, but doesn’t know where Angie and fam are located. While Angie is talking, she sees Katherine standing behind her holding a cake. Katherine immediately starts firing off questions about the phone call and Angie covers up by saying that it was Nic’s mother. Katherine then says that she will have to sue Susan after all and needs the gun for evidence. Angie tries to get Katherine to change her mind, but already has another solution up her sleeve. Is Angie going to be the only housewife to kick Katherine’s ass?

Angie meets with Susan and they discuss Katherine. Angie brings up the possibility of Katherine being the strangler and Susan seems to believe the plausibility of the story, especially when Angie says that maybe Katherine was going for Susan’s throat and mistakingly got Julie’s instead.

Crazy Orson Returns…

Orson, in an attempt to surprise Bree, goes to the antique store where Bree claims she bought Karl’s brooch from to buy her something. What he doesn’t expect was to find out that the place only sells furniture. Then realization hits Orson’s face and then it goes Stepfather-dark for a minute.

Bree, you got some splaining to do!!!

No observations this week, but what do you guys think? Will Susan by that ruse? Will Gaby succumb to a “I’m a bad mother” phase? Will Lynette stop lying about the twins? And will Bree use common sense and see that Karl is full of crap?

The mic’s on you, peeps!


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