10 Things You Didn’t Know About Demi-Leigh Nels-Peters

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Demi-Leigh Nels-Peters

Demi-Leigh Nel Peters is best known simply as Demi Nel-Peters. She’s a model and former Miss Universe for 2017, how hails from South Africa. Prior to being crowned Miss Universe, she was given the crown of Miss South Africa that same pageant year. She joins the growing ranks of the titleholders from South Africa after the 1978 Miss Universe Margaret Gardiner. In case you’re wondering whatever happened to Demi Nel-Peters after her season as the beauty queen, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about her.

1. She recently lost her sister

Demi has had a recent heartache in her life. Her half-sister Franje developed a medical condition called cerebellar agenesis. This was a serious health issue that impacted both Franje and Nel-Peters. Franje lost her battle with teh disease and passed away on May 4, 2019. Demi shared that her sister was the strongest motivational force in her life.

2. Demi is an educated woman

Prior to becoming Miss Universe, Demi Nel-Peters enrolled in college classes at North-West University. She studied in business management and entrepreneurship programs and she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in these disciplines. It is interesting to note that she was awarded her degree just a few days before she was selected as Miss Universe for 2017. She is just 24 years old.

3. She did come part-time work

The life of a college student can be quite demanding. Demi was no ordinary girl though. In addition to having the responsibility for her studies, she was also involved in a variety of beauty pageants while enrolled in her program of study. She won the competition for the title of Miss South Africa in 2017, prior to receiving the Miss Universe title, and the pageants took up a lot of her time when she wasn’t studying. She also worked part-time as a model, which took up even more of the little time that she had to spare. It makes us wonder if she ever had any downtime during these years. She was employed with Vision Management Cape Town and Boss Models.

4. Demi was once carjacked

The young beauty queen is on a mission to help women realize the need to learn self-defense measures because she was the victim of a crime. Just one month after receiving her Miss South Africa title, she was accosted at Hyde Park by would-be kidnappers. They made her hand them her car keys, but then they made her get inside of the car. While she was inside, she punched on of the assailants in the throat. This gave her just enough time to get away from them. She ran off and got help, narrowly escaping a fate that could have been tragic.

5. You can find tons of photos on her Instagram

True fans of Demi Nels-Peters are always on the lookout for pictures and news about their favorite celebrities. We checked it out and there are a lot of great photos of her and her wedding party posted on the site. There are some glam shots included but most of them show Demi with friends and family, and with beloved pets, so it’s a great way to see what she looks like in her everyday life. She does a great job of keeping the site up.

6. She’s engaged to Tim Tebow

Boyfriend Tim Tebow, who is formerly a football star from Florida, asked Demi to be his wife at their family farm which is located just outside of Jacksonville, Florida. She accepted and the two are busy planning their wedding. They were excited to share the news with everyone including their large group of fans and supporters, but the couple has not yet let us know when they plan to tie the knot.

7. Demi just had her bachelorette party

Nels-Peters has already had her bachelorette party. It was held in New York City, aboard a boat, and it looked like a lot of fun for the bride to be and her fellow party-goers. She was gracious enough to post photos of the event on her Instagram site, on the 16th of September, but still, no mention of the date for the big day.

8. She and Tim asked their fans for help

Demi and Tim are very aware of their fan base and they treat them with a lot of respect. We think it’s amazing how much they interact with fans by inviting them to become involved in certain aspects of their lives. They asked fans to help them come up with wedding hashtags. The response was high and people were happy to offer their suggestions.

9. Demi is bilingual

Growing up in South Africa, Demi Nels-Peters learned two languages. She’s fluent in both English and in Afrikaans. This is not uncommon for citizens of South Africa. We’re sure that being bilingual has also helped her to score additional points within the pageants as they examine the entire person in addition to skills and achievements, and the judges don’t just base the scores on physical attractiveness.

10. She has a bright future ahead for her

Demi Nels-Peters has already achieved a lot in her 24 years on this planet. She’s still young and she has her entire future ahead of her. It’s wonderful that she has found the love of her life at just the right time. It’s wonderful that she has good things coming her way now, especially after the difficult spring and summer following the death of her half-sister. Now, it’s on to a life with a partner whom she adores, and Tim has made it very clear that he adores her as well. We’re not sure what her plans for the near future are with regards to her career, but she could go a lot of different ways, and we wish her the best of success.

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