10 Things You Didn’t Know about DeLeesa St. Agathe

When DeLeesa St. Agathe was in the middle of filming a reality television show on the Netflix platform, she had no idea just how much her life might change in those few weeks. She had not one but two major life changes come her way at the same time, and she is all the better for it. She’s currently thriving, living her best life, and she is doing things her own way on her own time. She and her husband and their little family are so thankful for those few weeks in her life, and we want to share their adorable and amazing story with you.

1. She is a Reality Show Winner

She’s the season two winner of the hit show, “The Circle,” which is really a show about a bunch of people who want to win six figures while also mostly lying to the other people on the show to win. They do what is referred to as catfishing, or trying to get people to believe they are someone they are not. She did it successfully.

2. She Was Pregnant

She and her husband were welcoming their second baby into the world, and she found out the sweetest way – while she was filming a reality show. She didn’t know she was pregnant for certain, but she suspected and took a test. The pregnancy symptoms began almost immediately, and she found out quickly.

3. She Pretended to Be Her Husband

Not everyone who goes into this show does so under the pretense of lying to others. She did, however. She catfished the heck out of everyone on the show and pretended to be her own husband. Clearly, she knows him well because she was able to pull off the biggest lie with a lot of grace.

4. She Kept the Secret

She did not tell her husband she was pregnant. This is mind-blowing to me, because each time I was pregnant, I was in the bathroom testing the first day a test could potentially work and making my husband read the results for me because I was too nervous. She found out halfway through filming the show, and she said nothing to her husband.

5. The Reveal Was Awesome, Though

She has the patience of a saint, we’ll say that. She didn’t just call her husband to tell him that she won their family $100,000, either. She called him to tell him that they were newly wealthy and that they were having another baby. It was a huge shock, and he was so excited.

6. She’s Already the Mother of a Sweet Little Girl

When she found out she was pregnant and due to having a second child in 2021, she was already the mother of a little girl. Her daughter turned one during her pregnancy, and she was over the moon about becoming a big sister. Now she is the mother of two sweet little girls, and they are darling.

7. She Bought a House

When she found out she won, she knew that she was having a baby, and she bought a house. Not the entire house, of course, but that was a nice down payment on a home that she and her husband and their girls could make their own, and that is what they did. They made a home.

8. Her Husband is Following her Footsteps

In a fun twist of excitement, her own husband is now appearing on the same show she won two seasons ago. He is now part of the cast of “The Circle,” season four, and we hope that he is able to bring home the prize for their family a second time. It really is something so cool, and we’d love to see him be the winner.

9. She Plans to Continue Her Regular Life

Now that she’s a reality show winner and the mother of two little girls, she’s continuing to thrive. She has her shops, she has her YouTube Channels and her online accounts, and she is doing a lot for her family. Her goal is to take care of her family from start to finish and create generational wealth for all.

10. She Loves Georgia

When they moved from New York to Georgia, she called it a much better quality of life. Also a bigger quality of life, and she is not wrong. Even in a city the size of Atlanta, there is so much small-town feeling in the south, and it’s just the best place to raise kids.

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