DEADPOOL 2: The Official “Cable” Introduction

Deadpool 2 is bringing Cable into the mix in a big way and so far it looks like everything we’ve been expecting. If you don’t know who Cable is at this point don’t feel too bad, his back story has been subjected to a bit of editing and renovation over the years. The one thing to remember is that Cable is not a person to be messed with, which is why he’s the perfect person to pair up with Deadpool. The merc with a mouth and Cable go back a ways since they’ve been at odds since Deadpool first came out.

Cable is a bit of a complicated character since he is the son of Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, and Madeline Pryor, the clone of Jean Grey that was set into place by Mr. Sinister. He didn’t have that great of a childhood since his mother decided to use him as a sacrifice to open a portal between earth and Limbo. He could have been one of the most powerful mutants to ever walk the earth if not for a techno virus that just about killed him at one point and left him without the ability to tap into his devastating potential. That doesn’t mean he’s weak in any way, just weaker than the superpower he could have been at one point.

Cable’s overall story takes place along alternate timelines and back and forth from the future to the present and likely won’t be included as much in the Deadpool sequel so don’t count on walking out of the theater with your head spinning from so many confusing plot lines. If they ever make a movie about Cable, and it could be possible, then it’s going to be necessary to nail down a plot line and stick to it. As it is, when he’s around Deadpool things tend to get a little interesting. They don’t exactly hate each other but they’d necessarily like each other either. It’s usually been a matter of convenience and happenstance that brings them into each other’s orbit, a kind of meeting of the aggressive tendencies if you will. And when you factor in Domino, Cable’s sometime lover and ally, things get even more interesting. The point is that come May there are going to be a few movies coming out that people are going to choose between when it comes to which ones are their favorites.

The first Deadpool movie was a hit since it finally produced a hero film that didn’t play nice and force the main character to watch his language, which with Deadpool is notoriously vulgar. It also allowed the blood to flow as it should when making a movie about a mercenary that doesn’t really care about killing. Cable isn’t the psychopath that Deadpool is but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes down to taking care of business. This coming movie should be something fun to watch since it brings a new dynamic to Deadpool and introduces a character that comic book lovers have been waiting for.

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