10 Reasons to Suggest “Dead Files” is Completely Real

10 Reasons to Suggest “Dead Files” is Completely Real

The Dead Files is a show that airs on cable and satellite television. At first glance, you might think it’s just another show about the paranormal. However, if you watch it for more than a few minutes you’ll notice that it works on a very different premise. The show involves two investigators that have a rather unique way of approaching things. If you’re like most individuals, you’ll watch the show and wonder how much of it is actually true, if anything. With that being said, you might want to keep an open mind. Below are ten reasons why the show just might be true.

1. Half of the investigation team is a retired police officer

Of course, one of the people involved claims to be able to connect with the paranormal. The other person used to be a detective with NYPD. he comes across as a no-nonsense person that truly wants to get to the bottom of things, no matter how strange they may seem.

2. They investigate real cases

If you’re thinking the cases are just made up for the sake of your entertainment, think again. It’s easy enough to verify that many of the cases they’ve investigated have had a history of unexplained occurrences. That doesn’t mean that there’s always something paranormal going on, but it does mean that the people living there are concerned about something they don’t necessarily have an explanation for.

3. The two work as a team

These two individuals seem to perfectly compliment each other, largely because they are polar opposites when it comes to their personalities. They also have very different investigative styles. This can actually be a good thing when it comes to thoroughly investigating cases.

4. However, they work independently

They don’t collaborate with each other until they’ve already finished their respective investigations. The retired detective goes through legal records looking for facts. The other individual investigates the property and approaches it from a slightly more metaphysical perspective.

5. They often come up with the same information

This is where things start to get interesting. Even though they don’t communicate with each other about a case until the very end and they have vastly different approaches to their investigations, they usually come up with information that supports one another’s findings.


6. They verify their findings through facts

As previously mentioned, one of the investigators goes through legal records in order to obtain the history of the property. All of this can be verified because the records are made public. They even go the extra mile and verify much of that information with the person or people who are currently living there.

7. There’s more scrutiny involved with shows like this

In the past, there were some shows about the paranormal that liked to take a lot of creative license, so to speak. That is harder for them to do these days because of social media and the internet. People can looks things up for themselves and they can talk to each other in real time to compare notes. All of this makes it easier to figure out when someone is making stuff up. It also makes it easier to call them out on it, making sure that everyone else knows about it. The end result is that shows about the paranormal have to be a ot more thorough in their research and stay on point or they develop a reputation for not being believable, which can ultimately hurt their ratings.

8. The paranormal community is relatively small

Just like any other community that has fairly limited numbers, people talk. If a particular show develops a sketchy reputation, it won’t be long before people start passing the buck.

9. Some of their cases can be cross-referenced with other investigators

Some of the cases they have worked on are more well known than others. In certain instances, they have worked on a case that was already investigated and well documented by someone else. All of the information can then be put together. If it matches, it’s easier to accept that there might actually be something going on.

10. They do a follow-up with the clients

The clients have the chance to tell their side of things. Once the investigation is over, they even go back and follow up with them to see what they might be doing differently and whether or not they are still having problems.

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