Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole Looks for More Evidence

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Nicole Looks for More Evidence

Days of Our Lives fans recognize this has been a strange week for everyone in Salem. Nicole is very much aware that there are so many things happening that she cannot keep her life straight. She seems to know that there was a baby switch and that things did not go the way that she thought they might go. She knows that everyone is a mess, and that there are secrets abound. She’s onto Xander and Victor, and they are aware that she is onto them, which is not a good thing. If they decide that they will do anything in their power to protect this secret, there will be hell to pay from her. And, we know that Xander has to keep this secret. If he does not, he will lose Sarah forever. That is just not where he is trying to go with his life. This is not good news.

On the other side of things is the fact that we also know that Ben is getting a lot of bad news in terms of what is going on with Clyde and how he managed to create the mess that was his sister’s death and the introduction of Evan and baby David. Hope is trying to get her life back to normal after Rolf vacated the evil Gina from her body, and she is beyond horrified about the many horrible things she did when she was part of that. She is not taking this news lightly, and she’s not sure how to focus her life on anything positive knowing that she indirectly caused so many people to suffer so much, including people she loves so dearly. She will not quickly get over this or move on from this. Her life is not going back to normal.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

Do it.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Kate and Gabi are in serious danger, and they didn’t even realize it. They did not know what happened with Chad last week when he tried to kill them both. Thankfully, he did not succeed in his plan to take them out and kill them, but this is something that he did and they are now finding themselves in a place where they have to stay alive. There was a time when Kate was a very huge fan of Gabi and would have done anything to see this young woman with Chad, but she really cannot stand her anymore. There is certainly no love lost between them these days, but they are going to have to fight for their own survival with one another right now, and some secrets might just come out.

On the other side of things is what is going on with the baby swap. Nicole is afraid to say anything to anyone right now until she can get the proof she needs but there is a bigger problem. Xander will lose Sarah if this comes out. He just asked her to marry him, and he’s not about to let anything or anyone come in between them. He will not, and he cannot. There is too much going on with them, but there is nothing that will ever change them. If she’s not careful, he will take her out and make sure this is one secret that no one ever learns about. He cannot lose her, she cannot lose this baby, and this will end it all.

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