Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Stefano Alive?

Days of Our Lives fans are not sure how to focus on things this week. We are all in shock that JJ is using drugs. We are all in shock that there is so much going on with this, and that Eric knows that this is going on and wants to help. We are all shocked that Nicole and Sarah are feeling guilty about the lies that they told Eric. Not one of them has mentioned at all that the baby that Sarah had was not Xander’s baby. It’s Eric’s baby, and they both chose to lie to him so that he could have his happiness, but now neither of them are happy and they know that they did the wrong thing. Which of them will come out and tell him first, or will they both end up on his list after he finds out in a different manner entirely?

There’s a lot going on right now, and we get that. We get that there is so much that hasn’t happened, that will still happen, that might not happen, and there are so many things we just don’t know at this point. There are so many questions we have and so many confusing aspects of this have been put into place, and we just don’t know why. But, we will learn why eventually. Do not expect to get all the answers to the questions you have right now, though. The jump into a new year was a big deal, and it will likely take the show weeks, if not months, to fully answer all the questions about what happened in that missing year and how it will all play out in the near future. It’s a problem, and we know this. We aren’t happy with it, but it will come to us.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

We are excited about this one.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Chad is doing something big in his life, and we are more than a little bit shocked to find out what it is. You see, we always thought Stefano was dead this last time, even though there wasn’t any real indication that he was dead other than the fact that the actor who played him died in real life. Because we all love him so much, we didn’t think that the show would ever replace him or anything like that, but we think that we could be wrong about that as Chad is about to share with his wife, Abigail, that he’s been in contact with his father. This shocking information could not come at a time when we thought it would not come more, but here we go.

Then there is the fact that we have to sit here and wonder a few more things. Gabi is going to tell Eli that she feels that Chad is not on her side. They were one time lovers, and then good friends, but she feels that he is plotting against her, and she might not know why. Well, we bet she does know why, but she will never admit that or make it obvious to anyone else. She might be with Eli now, but she’s still sneaky and underhanded at the very best in her life. It might have much to do with all she did to him and to Abigail so long ago, or even about his brother in some capacity. We just don’t know. Yet.

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