Days of Our Lives Couples Who Bring Out the Worst in Everyone Around Them

Days of Our Lives fans are not too into so many couples who come onto the scene around here. They bring out the worst in one another and, while that is entertaining, it’s a problem for so many. We hate to say things that feel negative like that, but some couples bring out the worst in everyone else, too. We’ve talked about couples who bring out the absolute least flattering version of themselves, but what about the worst that they bring out in everyone else in their lives? You see, it’s not just them. Sometimes, a couple is fine with one another (and sometimes they are not) but they bring out so many ugly, negative things about other people that it isn’t even worthwhile in our opinion. We thought we might look back at some couples who didn’t bring out very good personality traits in other people.

Brady and Nicole

First and foremost, they aren’t good for one another. But, they are especially bad for other people. Kristin is one of those people. She is crazy about Brady, and she is ugly when she is in town and he has a lady friend of any sort to deal with. Also, their union is also one that brings out the very worst in Eric. He loves her so much.

Ciara and Ben

They go down in history as one of our favorite couples, and they have so much chemistry. They are so good for one another that they’ve actually made us forget that he was a one-time murderer with an obsession with Abigail that led him to kill people, stalk her, and do some genuinely horrible things in his own life. But, her mother, his sister, and so many other people hate to see them together, and they are so awful when it comes to this couple. We think they need to mind their own.

Gabby and Stefan

When Abigail was dealing with her other personality, we thought she brought out the absolute worst in herself, in everyone else, and in people we didn’t even know. However, this was a couple who brought out so much badness in both Chad and Gabi, but we don’t blame either. These two were awful together in so many ways, but they brought out some ugly in the people in their lives.

Abigail and Chad

They are sweet together, if a bit immature and dramatic for us. They need to grow up and put their family first rather than allow so many things that just aren’t that important into their lives, but the point is that they bring out the worst in so many people. Kate hates them together. She would much rather see Chad with anyone else — she likes Gabi — than Abigail, and she works to make that happen. Gabi also hates them together, and they often bring out her ugly side.

Gabi and Eli

They are a horrible couple who bring out the worst in everyone. We all dislike them together, but they really did bring out the worst in his family, in Lani, and in everyone who knows them. Now because of him, but because of her. No one likes her anymore. But, we all love him.

Lani and Eli

These two, though. We love them together. They are one of those couples who comes across as surprisingly happy and calm, and we liked that. They had a rough start with the smallish fact that she was dating another man when she cheated and slept with him and got pregnant, and then things came out that it was his baby and all of that after she lied. Her relationship ended, and things got ugly, but they did find their way back to one another and they had a relatively lowkey situation. They are sweet together, and we are so happy they made it work, but they bring out the absolute ugliest part of Gabi in every manner of speaking. She does not even love him, but she cannot stand to see Lani happy. So, we think Lani just brings out the absolute worst in Gabi no matter who she is with, but the Eli thing is a big one, if we’re being honest.

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