Days of Our Lives Characters Who Need A Break

Days of Our Lives fans are not really all that surprised when people leave the show. The job is not meant to last forever. The drama is impossible if you don’t have characters coming and going, and there is nothing we can do but sit back and watch them do just that. But, we have to say that there are some characters that really need to go. While we aren’t big fans of watching many people leave, there are some characters who either don’t work for us from the start, or they simply lived off their usefulness. The characters are no longer doing it for us, and we want to see them written off the show this year. Maybe forever, maybe just until they have a bit more to offer. Here are our picks.


We cannot lie. We are more than a little bit done with her for the moment. We are sad that she’s the one who chose to stay when we could have been rid of her and watched as Abigail and Chad lived a good life. But, she is here and they are not, and that is their own decision as far as them wanting to take some time off from their roles and whatnot. We do get that. We appreciate it. And we like it. But, we also think that she’s very far gone and done and over things in this moment. She’s not living her best life, and she’s not bringing anything to the table other than really just being annoying and giving us more than we can handle in terms of over-dramatics. We love her. We really do. But, we are just a little bit tired of her sudden bad-girl storyline and the awful messes she keeps putting herself in the middle of. We aren’t fans.


Okay, so this is not something we are very proud of, but she’s bothered us a lot lately. We adore her and all she brings to the table, and the actress who plays her is fantastic. But, she’s been a lot of the problem with the show lately. She seems to have lost her spark, and it’s no fault of her own. It’s the writing. It’s not good for her these days, and they are ruining this character. It would be good if the show would write her off for a while and then come up with some fresh new stories for her. She’s gone from being a total bad you-know-what to being a cheating, whiny, uncertain woman who lacks power and decisiveness, who cannot make up her mind, and who seems downright meek. She’s someone who makes us cringe when we see her, and we hope that she can get her life together. She cannot make that happen in her life, and she’s been a bit of a snore. The powerful Hope would never cheat on Rafe, whine about her daughter, or take personally all the things that she has lately. This one is not our favorite, and we are waiting on her to get lost.


We also love him, but he needs a bit of a break himself. He came back from his prison stint after the accident and had a whole new thing going on. He’s mad. He’s upset. He did a horrible thing, and he totally knows that. But, he also knows that he cannot go back and change the world, the things he’s done, and the way he lived his life. He cannot make those changes, but he’s been a bit of a brooding bore for a long time. Nicole has ruined his life for as long as he can remember, and he continues to allow this. Even from the dead, she controlled him, and now she’s back and taking the little bit of happiness he was finally working on getting for himself. This is not something we are overly impressed with at the moment, and we cannot imagine this will turn into anything positive in the near future. He’s in need of a break, and writers need to think about how they will bring him back in the future with a bigger, better, more dominant personality. This one is boring to the max.

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