Days of Our Lives: Will and Lucas Share a Moment

Days of Our Lives fans are going to see Will and Lucas have a moment. It’s been a very awkward situation since Will was found alive, and it’s going to be very sweet soon. We know that Will has no memories, and he’s only learning who people are and what they mean to him as he goes back to his former life each day. It’s a very strange situation getting to learn all these people and their names, their relationship to him, and all this without any way of remembering them. He’s learning them as a new person, and that’s strange.

Lucas was definitely not on his best when his son returned. He was heavily drinking and in need of rehab, and now he’s cleaned up a bit. It wasn’t the best way for Will to meet his father, but his mother — Sami — did what she could to fix things and turn them into what she felt was a much better situation for everyone.

Now these two will have some more time together, and it might just be the kind of time they need to help them get their lives in order and figure things out for themselves. We don’t know for certain they can get this to work, but there is a chance they might have a moment that does help them along the way. Can they change their lives, or will they simply need to go back to the way they were? We don’t know, but it is a step.

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