Days of Our Lives: Will Brady Live?

Days of Our Lives fans have seen that Brady is in a bad place, but what does that mean for everyone involved? What does it mean that he’s flatlined and is dying? We know that he’s safe and back home, but Rafe has to arrest him. He aided and abetted a felon who kidnapped a baby, and there’s no choice in this matter. Rafe doesn’t want to do it, and it doesn’t look good for Brady at all — but it’s what he must do. What we want to know is how they are going to make this happen so they are going to live happily ever after.

He’s not going to get over what’s ailing him, but he might be able to help Nicole stay alive by providing information. What we really want to know, though, is how Eric fits into this. Nicole hates Eric. He was the drunk driver who caused the accident that killed her fiancé, and now she has their baby in another country with a madman. With Brady out for the count in a coma and in jail, it’s not going to be him that saves Nicole. Can Eric do it, or would Nicole rather spend her time in the custody of a madman?

She hates Eric more than she can explain, but we don’t know if she will welcome him as her rescuer. Will she finally be able to forgive him if he’s able to save her life and the life of her baby, or will she hold this anger forever? He’s not a bad person, he just made a bad decision. He already hates himself and punishes himself more than anyone else, and we wonder if she will make the choice to forgive him. There’s one more thing we worry about. She’s also someone who seems to be on the way out. If she’s killed here, will he at least be able to save her baby? If he can do that, we imagine this is the moment she will forgive him. Our only question is whether this will be her dying wish, or if she will live to appreciate what he does later in her life.

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