Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Maggie in the Hospital?

days of our lives

Wednesday on Days of Our Lives, fans are in for a huge shock. It seems that Maggie is not well. We have no idea what is wrong with her, or what is happening in her life, but we know that she is being rushed to the hospital. Could it be that she is merely sick with age or something worse, like disease? Or is this something that has to do with something else? We could speculate that perhaps Deimos’ offer of peace to Victor was a sham and that it was just his way of getting close enough to Maggie to perhaps do something to her to cause her to need medical attention. There is also always Summer. We know she has some issues of her own she needs to work out, but would she be willing to hurt this woman in an effort to save herself?

We also know that Dario is working Summer to work Maggie, so perhaps he has something to do with what happened. We have no idea, but we know that we will see a bit more of what is happening as we welcome Wednesday. What we do know, however, is that it will not be something simple or even easily handled once they get to the hospital. As far as everyone else, we don’t know how they will react to this news. Will they be devastated, shocked or relieved to know that something is happening to Maggie? Everyone has their own agenda, and it’s not always the one that you want to hear about.

Chad and JJ continue to look for Ben. Is he really after Abigail, or is she slowly losing it? It seems that Chad is worried, but he might suspect that his new bride is not quite feeling the right feelings at the moment. Will he be able to continue to keep up his patience with his new wife, or will her irrational fears make him crazy as time goes on? He knows he has to protect Thomas, so we think that is the driving force behind his protectiveness at the moment. Will today be the day that Ben makes his appearance and lets the world know what he wants from Abigail and Thomas? You’ll have to watch and find out.  

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