Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Hope’s Daughter Isn’t Healthy

Days of Our Lives fans know that Hope is happy her daughter is back, but she’s going to find that she has no reason to be happy when Shawn and Belle give her an update on her daughter. They’re going to share with her some harsh truths they’re not all that interested in learning. And they’re going to do what they can to help Hope help the girl. And this is going to be the moment things get a little crazy for everyone. There’s no much they can do at this point, and it’s not going to get any better.

She’s a mess. She’s a child that can’t handle the way her life is going. Her life is not where she wants it to be, her career is not taking off the way she thought it might. Things are not going her way, and she’s not yet enough of an adult to handle that with grace and class. She’s upset, she’s blaming her failures on all things that don’t have any real effect on her life. She’s placing blame instead of taking responsibility for her life.

And now her mother is left to deal with her, and she’s upset. She’s not happy. She can’t help figure out what is going on in her life. She can’t seem to get a hold on what is happening, and her daughter isn’t all that interested in what is going on with her. She’s not happy at all with her current situation.

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