Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Eric and Nicole Share Another Moment

Days of Our Lives fans know nothing is ever easy for anyone on this show. Just because someone has a good day one day means nothing the next. It seems that everyone is facing their own inner demons, and no one is safe from what they envision for their future. Right now we can’t get over how much Eric and Nicole are bonding. They are talking about all the happy times they shared in the past, and they seem to be getting along just as well as possible, but that will all end when Chloe comes in and wants to talk to Eric.

We hear she is going to make a confession to him, and we aren’t sure what it is. There is a chance she did something to Nicole — again — but she also seems to have learned her lesson as far as hurting her friend goes. Did she really do something that might hurt her and cause her more pain? We don’t actually know, but we do know there is always a chance someone is going to do something awful and make sure that Nicole cannot find happiness.

We also know that Eric is leaving town and wants to write a letter to Nicole before he goes. Does this have something to do with what Chloe is about to tell him? Will she put the final nail in the coffin that is his decision to get out of town? We think he might think he’s hurting her more than helping.

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