Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ben is Back

Days of Our Lives fans are a little bit confused by the entire Ben situation. The man has been making everyone’s lives a minor living hell for many years, and here he is repeatedly showing up and causing problems. As if showing up on the day Abigail and Chad were exchanging their vows alongside Sonny and Paul only to interrupt the wedding and announce that Will is, in fact, not dead was not enough, the man is coming back today. And we are confused.

We are confused for so many reasons. The first is this; what kind of mental hospital is this man in if he can escape basically anytime he wants? He’s been out more times than we can count in the past year, and that’s something we are just not all that on board with. He’s not been able to stay put for very long at all, and we’re just over here like “Why?” without any real answers.

And that’s all we’ve got for now. He’s been causing problems left and right for everyone he knows, and that’s something we don’t get. But we really don’t get why he’s surprising everyone again, or how he managed to get out — again. But he’s back today, and we feel he might have something to say, do, or think about whatever else is going on in his life. What? We don’t know, but we know Abby must have problems sleeping at night because of this guy and his escape plans.

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