Days of Our Lives Reunions We’d Like to See This Year

Days of Our Lives fans are hoping for some bigtime reunions in 2020, and we cannot wait to see what happens. This is a year that is really a different year with the time change on the show in November, and so many people who were together are no longer together, and so many couples have found themselves in the middle of a meltdown. We can see that some things will just never work out, but we can also see that some others might just need a push to get them back to where they need to be. We hope that there are a few people who are currently together who don’t work out (Eli and Gabi, we’re looking at you) and some that we hope do get back together before much longer. It’s a thing, and we like it.

Eli and Lani

We really don’t like him with Gabi, but we love him with Lani. They are so much better suited for one another, and they’d be happily married and living their best lives right now if it were not for Gabi making sure that Lani feared for the lives of her loved ones if she went through with their wedding. Things didn’t work for them, and then Gabi decided to make it even worse. We’re hoping for a major reunion for these two this year. With Lani back in Salem, we think there is a chance. We think Eli only went for Gabi because there was nothing he could do with her gone and with Gabi right there. There’s a huge chance, so we hope that it happens sooner rather than later. They are a fan favorite, and they are so good together. They work, and we want to see them work.

Kate and Roman

They were together once, and they were good together. He’s been without a woman for so long, and she’s been without anything exciting in her life in a long time, and we think that some people just belong in a better place. We think that some people are just going to have more to offer than others, and we think that some people are just better than others. We like it, we encourage it, and we’d like to see them work through this and work it out in their favor a bit this time around. We aren’t mad about it, but we do hope that we can see this working in some capacity. Of course, she’s currently involved in a few things that might just make her look really bad to some, but we think she can figure this out.

Will and Sonny

We want to see Sonny get is act together. We know that he thinks a few things that make him think less of Will, but we also know that he is a man who has a lot to offer. This entire situation with Evan is an ugly one, and it’s not something that works out for anyone. Kate isn’t happy about Evan, either, and that is a big problem. We don’t know what else there is to deal with in this situation, but we do know that there is more than meets the eye. We know that these two have a chance if they can get the truth out in the open and figure out where they need to go with their lives, but what will happen if they can’t do that sooner than this?

Steve and Kayla

We know that he’s not himself even though he’s got his own face, but we would like to see them together. We know that he is currently portraying the role of Stefano hiding out so that no one will know who he is, and that he is looking to spend his life with Marlena, but we hope that there is some beautiful and wonderful way for people to see things as they are. We hope that there is a way for people to make things right for them, and we also hope that this can work out sooner rather than later. We don’t see how it will, but we have some pretty big hopes and dreams for the futures of these characters.

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