Days of Our Lives: Sami Has to Handle Lucas

Days of Our Lives fans are excited to see how Sami is going to deal with Lucas. He’s failing miserably at getting his life together with the news that Will is alive and well, and he’s miserable. At first he was drinking heavily to take out his frustration that Sonny was marrying Paul. He wasn’t happy that his ex-son-in-law was getting remarried. He felt that it was not good for his memory of Will, even though Will was killed. It was not a good situation for Lucas who had no right to tell Sonny he was doing something wrong by getting remarried following the death of his husband.

Then he fell even further into the bottle when he realized that his son was actually still alive — or rumored to be. Then his ex, Sami, showed up and started trying to find their son. And then she did find him. Then he drank even more when he realized that his beloved son had no idea who any of them were.

And now things are getting even worse for him, but Sami is going to deal with it. She’s a little bit no-nonsense when it comes to things like this, so she might be able to get him out of his funk by basically taking him down and making it impossible for him to deal with what is going on. And that’s all he might need to get his life in order and handle his business the way it must be handled — and she’s holding nothing back.

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