Days of Our Lives: Steve Works to Make Kayla Feel Better

Days of Our Lives: Steve Works to Make Kayla Feel Better

Days of Our Lives fans will be more than a little shocked to realize that Kayla’s troubles aren’t going away. She’s a woman who works so hard to be a kind person who does the right thing, but it only ever gets her in trouble. She’s been in the midst of her own personal hell for well over a year now, and things always get worse for her the moment she finally realizes they could be getting better. They just don’t improve, and she’s not in a good enough place right now to fight that.

She’s someone who can’t even handle her own issues when they occur, but her husband is doing a wonderful job of helping when he can. Steve is working diligently to ensure she’s happy and safe, but he’s unable to get through with his investigation. At the moment, he’s taking a little time off his work to save his wife and sister while he’s romantic with his wife.

She needs some distraction, and he’s going to make sure she has that on hand. It might not be easy for her to take on the role of being the victim, but she’s got no choice right now as she realizes someone is out to get her. Thank goodness for Steve and his good thinking and his kind heart. Now we just need to know if he’s going to realize what’s up and how to save her life by figuring out who is behind all that’s happening to her.

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