Days of Our Lives: Leo Helps Sonny Out

Days of Our Lives fans have to give Leo some credit. He has done what he can to make sure that he gets what he wants out of his life, and that means getting involved with Sonny. He’s got one massive plan to deal with, and he’s making sure this all works out in his favor. He’s sure that things will turn around and Sonny will continue to fall for him, and the fact that he is about to be all kinds of a gentleman and help Sonny out of a sticky situation is only going to give him some more credit.

Leo is not innocent, and he knows that there are more than a few people who suspect he is working with Vivian to do something horrible by using Sonny to make it happen. In fact, Sonny might be the only person who has no idea that this is happening, and that is relatively bad news for all of them. But we can’t help but notice that some things just don’t work out in the favor of everyone.

Leo is going to go out of his way to make sure that Sonny continues to fall for him no matter what Leo has to say, and it’s not going to change their lives in any other way. They are going to make sure it’s their job to get this situation under control, and they will make sure it works. Sonny has no idea, and he’s certainly not going out of his way to listen to his ex.

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