Days of Our Lives: Gabi’s In Deep Trouble

Days of Our Lives fans are not specifically impressed with the way things are going right now for Gabi, but she has friends who are here to help her through this difficult time. She’s been in a bad place as a whole in the past few weeks, and she’s been unable to figure things out as they are happening to her. She can’t get the people in her life to get her free from being in prison, and she has no idea what her future holds. She’s upset, and she’s sitting in jail waiting on the people she loves to get her out.

Even her own friend was not kind to her on the stand, and Abigail’s alter ego made a very shocking admission in court that put her in a tight place. It’s not true, and we all know it — but no one else knows that Abby is not the person that she says she is. She’s got multiple personalities right now, and they aren’t in a good place with her.

She’s going to hope for the best while also preparing for the worst. She’s got a lot of stuff on her mind right now and no real way of knowing what might happen. She’s not been happy, and she’s got no idea how to protect her family. She’s just glad that Will is back and able to care for their daughter now, but it’s all been terrible for all of them to see her like this. It’s heartbreaking.

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