Days of Our Lives: Claire Grows Closer to Tripp

Days of Our Lives fans know Claire just isn’t someone who makes wise decisions. She’s a young woman who makes poor decisions, who doesn’t listen to anyone, and who cannot make a good choice to save her life. Now that she and Theo are over, she’s trying to find a way to get him back. She’s going to work with Tripp to make this happen. We don’t think that’s the best idea she’s ever had, but what do we know? There’s just nothing we can do right now to help with her issues, but we do think there is a chance she is making another mistake.

For one, Theo is not impressed with her friendship with Tripp. He didn’t want him living with them, and now he’s not happy that they are spending so much time together. So when Tripp tells her that he can help her, she needs to say no and just walk away from all that. But — she won’t.

She’s going to listen to him, and these two are going to end up in more trouble than they can even imagine. She needs to stop working on things that aren’t honest or good and focus on her own life. She can’t be an adult if she can’t grow up and focus on what’s important for her — and we want to see her do the right thing. She can’t do that as long as Tripp is present, however. Will she let him go?

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