10 Things You Didn’t Know about Danny Padilla

Danny Padilla has grown to be a beaming American sensation spotting new songs and covers often. This youthful songwriter, musician and social media personality is fun-loving, passionate and possessive of a calm goofy demeanor. Danny has had a slow but sure rise into stardom. He was recently named the no. 5322 most popular personality according to a recent famous birthday post on Famous Birthdays. He owes this to his consistent hard work and partnerships with friends. Below are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Danny Padilla.

1. Childhood Life

Danny Padilla was born on 21st April 1993 at Manhattan Beach California in the United States of America. He shares the same birth day with famous personalities such as Elizabeth II. He grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles and was quickly engaged in athletics in school. However, in his high school years into senior year, he dropped athletics in favor for his love for music so as to give his undivided attention to the same. He has not regretted ever since.

2. Age and Family

Currently Danny Padilla is 27 years old and resides in Sherman Oaks California. His birth sign is Taurus. He has three siblings namely Matt, Camden and Steven. Padilla keeps a low profile and rarely shares pictures of his family. However, he is not married and does not have any kids, well at least that is what we know.

3. Passion for Music

Padilla has both written and produced several hit songs such as Innocent, Girls like you, Mug shot, Pillow talk, Someone you Love, First, Ally, Living This, Intoxication, Ocean Eyes, Liability and Counting Stars among others. With his charming voice and deep soul he has managed to warm his way into the hearts of many. He basically sings about day-to day real issues such as love and heart breaks. He occasionally does mashups and remixes to his songs and boy is he gifted! From the beats, melody and vocals, you will definitely sing along.

4. Career: Booming YouTube and Instagram Pages

Gone are the days you had to dress up in suit and tie and spend half your day in a cubicle of an office space to earn a living, now you can make enough money off of any social media account. Of course, hard and smart work is key. Padilla alongside his friend Mason Sperling has a joint YouTube channel that brags of a hefty 1.53 M subscriber base alongside 240 M views and growing. Their fame grew largely due to the several personification covers they post. From Josh Turner, Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, Sean Paul, Larry the Cable guy, Gaston, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse and various accents they really pull it off quite well, amidst a lot of laughter and jokes off course. It’s simply hilarious and fun to watch as they sing along. Padilla’s Instagram page is also growing as many fans tend to follow the star and like his occasionally- posted photos. However, he and mason have separate Instagram accounts that generally seem to be doing quite well.

5. Popularity Fun Facts

Padilla has been ranked in the 31st position in the Cover Artist Web Star List. He also ranks in the 8th position of popular people whose names start with Danny, according to Famous Birthdays.

6. Contestant on 1st season of Bachelor: Listen to your heart 2020 edition

This singing sensation was among the 16 contestants of the recently premiered American TV Series. The TV series is designed to have two people fall in love and make music together. They would then be evaluated by a panel of judges on the basis of chemistry and musical technique. Danny Padilla was paired with the beautiful Bekah and the two really hit it off from the start, however the duo was eliminated during the 27th episode due to lack of believable chemistry between them. According to Hollywood Life, the judges were of the impression that the two were just friends and not a couple.

7. Rumors Surrounding His Sexual Orientation

Danny Padilla was the buzz of the town during the airing of the Bachelor: Listen to your heart show. It was rumored that his first date with Bekah was visibly awkward because he is gay. Well, is he? For a long time, fans have speculated this because he has not been sported with a new girlfriend since his previous relationship, for quite a long time. However, Padilla recently put the rumors to naught, by stating that he is straight and that the reason he was not dating is that he was more focused on his music.

8. Romance and Love Life

Danny was previously dating Jillan Trimble. However the two separated and Danny has never been known not to have dated ever since. According to Maniabets, he recorded a break up song for Trimble and apparently ‘supported’ her while she re-entered the dating arena once more with another man. According to Bustle, Danny’s hit off with Bekah during the Bachelor: Listen to your heart show, did not continue after the show. However, the two seem to be on good terms with each other as he recently liked Bekah’s posts. Danny desires to have a girl who will embrace his ‘good kind of weird’.

9. Net worth and Collaborations

As a You tuber and Musician, Padilla’s net worth is approximately $800K. His singles and collaborations in music have especially contributed to this amount. Aside from his friend and business partner Mason Sperling, Padilla has collaborated with the likes of Ally Hills and Max Schneider.

10. What’s next for Danny Padilla?

Danny has yet to reveal any grand endeavors and projects he is looking to embark on after the reality TV show. It seems that he plans to continue going strong with his YouTube Channel and general social media presence.

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