‘Dancing With the Stars’ Sets New Showrunner for Season 26

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Sets New Showrunner for Season 26

Andrew Llinares is set to be the new showrunner for Dancing With The Stars when season 26 airs. The highly successful producer has managed to do more in his career than many know about including to executive produce such shows as the X Factor on Fox, as well as the Britain version several years earlier. He also was the executive producer of Britain’s Got Talent, a show that was responsible for bringing forth the kind of talent that people wanted to see as well. He’s got the experience and the know-how to get the job done, but season 26 of a show that’s been running this long is going to be a challenge no doubt.

Llinares however is up to it apparently and will be looking forward to his chance to show what he can do with a show that’s been drawing in viewers for years now and has become something of an iconic program for people around the country. DWTS has been something that people have clung to ever since it first aired in 2005. A lot of people back then might have thought it would last a few seasons and then fizzle out, but the show has been running ever since and is still going full steam ahead as it continues to draw more and more viewers. With Llinares now at the helm as the showrunner it should be fairly easy to keep it going, but that’s not really his goal.

Instead of just keeping the show going he wants to bring a bit of change to it that will manage to keep the show moving forward in a way that will evoke change and inspire others to keep watching as they wait for something new and unexpected to develop. His whole idea is to bring a bit of evolution to the show so that people can continue to watch without really knowing what to expect. In this manner they’ll at least be entertained on a continual basis rather than sit in full expectation of what’s about to happen. For any show to survive on the air today it has to have some propensity for change, and DWTS is capable and could possibly evolve in a manner that could allow it to become something wholly different than it is now, or at the very least something that is willing to put forth a few changes to its program to keep the audience watching.

There won’t be any huge shifts or moves that will change the entire landscape of the show, but Llinares is planning to bring his own experience and sense of style to the program in order to bring it even further into the modern era and make certain that people can still relate to the show while watching. The next season for instance will be focusing on athletes, as they will be the guests that will be dancing with the regulars throughout the show. He has remained tight-lipped so far about who he’s trying to get, but that should make the surprise that much better when it’s finally revealed.

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