Dancing With the Stars 18.04 Review: “The Switch-Up”


by Daniel Gilligan

Tonight was the big Swicheroo night on Dancing with the Stars. This means that each star is paired with a different pro based on the viewer’s vote. Now, it’s just for the one week so next week everything will be the same. Same pro to dancer relationship. It was interesting to see how certain pairings played out. With Cody & Sharma, for example, she said there was a generation gap between them and kept telling him not to wear those pants to practice anymore! With Drew & Witney, she called him ‘Gramps.’ At first, I didn’t think I would like this idea. I imagined the swicheroo (They couldn’t think of a better name?) would interrupt with the flow of the show. What I mean by that is by this point, the stars and their pros are really starting to get into a groove and getting to know their partner. Throwing someone else like this would just be messy.

Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Instead it reinvigorated each pair. I specifically remember this with Amy & Mark. After consulting with her former pro about how to ‘move’ with her (Any says she has to break in her new pro which I thought was funny), Mark showcased her in a salsa in a different way. She then commented how it was a unique form, something that her old pro wouldn’t have done. Every person, both star and professional, saw new ways of not only doing things but ways of dancing which can only help their stars moving forwards. I now approve of the swicheroo!

As for the dancers themselves, some were much better than others but everyone got high scores tonight. No matter who she is put this, Meryl is an extremely good dancer. Tonight she was placed with Val and her moves were so sharp that even Julianne Hough, the guest judge, wanted to dance like her! I wasn’t even a judge and I could tell she was amazing. She was moving through the air like she was cutting butter! Needless to say, she got an almost perfect score (39 out of 40).  For James & Cheryl, Carrie Ann Inaba didn’t even notice the change of partners he was so good! Julianne commented that even though he was a nice body, he still has the ‘whole package’ and can go all the way (35 out of 40). Finally, Candace and Tony danced the quickstep. I’m watching the two of them do it and not only dance it well in my opinion but then they kick in between the other’s legs. I’m thinking they’re going to get a good score… which they did not. They got the lowest score of the night in fact- 28 out of 40. She seems content with it. I’m yelling at my TV.

For Amy & Mark, everyone loved her in her salsa and they all loved her body! Charlie got Peeta for his rumba which I thought was good. However, the judges said that it wasn’t a rumba because his hips didn’t move. It looked like a pretty damn good rumba to me! It was interesting to watch Danica & Macs perform because there were certain parts where she had to dance with others but out of step of Maks. She did pretty well. Drew & Witney did good and the reason for that was he finally letting his confidence and personality come out. Cody & Sharma were pretty fantastic because even though they didn’t get a high score, he was singing which all of the judges noted throughout their scoring.  Finally, Nene & Derek did well. Again, while not getting a high score, Julianne commented that Nene let her “inner Beyonce out!”

As usual, the guest judge Julianne Hough was fun. She was dancing with the other judges during the opening credits. Then we saw her getting down when the show was coming back from commercials. She just looks like she enjoys being there. I think if a judge is ever sick, just give Julianne a call. She wouldn’t mind.

P.S. Tom said that next week was going to be Disney week and that all of your favorite stars would be dancing with animated characters. I for one hope that’s not true.

[Photo via Adam Taylor/ABC]

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