DAD JOKE(R): A Very Solid Parody of “Joker”

You knew that Joker was going to get a parody of some sort right? The fact that it comes in the form of dad jokes is kind of odd but it’s still pretty funny since dad jokes seem to never go away really and are almost always popping up when you least expect them. Blair Donovan from Country Living has a few that might tickle your funny bone to be honest. It’s almost like a rite of passage when a man becomes a father that they’ll eventually tell one or two gems that have been in use for years upon years. They’re lame, they’re usually ill-timed and make people roll their eyes in a big way, but at the same time it seems like a necessary thing that has to happen occasionally in order to really make life balance out a bit. Dad jokes aren’t the worst bit of humor that has ever been devised after all, they’re just some of the most pathetic since in truth they’re only funny to so many people that can really stand them, dads included obviously.

So far Joker seems to be doing quite well in the theaters, though there’s still a worry that the violence depicted is going to be a problem in society. Steven Zeitchik of The Washington Post is one of many that are still reporting on how the possible threat of violence has been covered throughout the nation in regard to the Joker movie. The correlation between Joker and dad jokes is something that you can’t help but think is kind of goofy in a big way, but on a few different levels might make some kind of sense. After all when you become a dad it does seem like a struggle at times to ‘put on a happy face’ since the task isn’t always an easy one and it’s not bound to come with a giant ‘thank you’ at the end of each day. Putting a positive spin on being father is something that’s a little tough to do at each and every moment, but it’s something that’s important since if you want the honest to goodness truth, parenting is madness disguised by a host of human emotions that are all designed to cancel or aid one another in turn as the changes of being a parent come with each passing day. That might not make sense, and it’s not meant to since if you’re a parent then you already know the descent into levels of hysteria and unconditional love as well as maddening frustration and caring that comes with being the parent of any child. It’s enough to make a person cry some days and laugh maniacally the next since kids pull and tug at your emotions in a way that you don’t full expect and could possibly drive some people around the bend and back again since they’re not made to be completely sensible little creatures that enrich your life with every moment.

Likening parenthood to the Joker movie is an odd thing indeed, but it does make a very warped bit of sense considering that dad jokes are in a way a father’s right once they take that step into the idea of fatherhood. It’s almost like a package deal, you get one with the other without realizing it at first and then come to find this neat little package that you have no idea what to do with at first, but soon realize is there to use when you feel the need. Dad jokes are basically jokes that you might find funny when you’re little and don’t know any better, and could be used by a father as a means to calm down and coax a smile from a child when it’s needed. But likening fatherhood to the Joker movie is something that is kind of laughable since it’s a big stretch but it’s also one that can be said to be kind of accurate from a certain point of view. Kids do make you crazy since a lot of times they take, take, take, and never seem to give back enough, which can drive a person quite insane if they let it. Thankfully though kids do give back in their own way by showing their love and ability to learn and respond to the kindness they’re given. This parody is just one point of view that a lot of us might have felt at one point or another since let’s face it, parenting is HARD sometimes. From the first moment you start to become a parent it’s a constant reminder that you took this small life into your own and are now responsible for it. Some days it might be a joy and make you smile without realizing it. But other days that realization breaks you down and makes it almost too hard to go on.

A lot of us have heard how tough it is to be a mom throughout the years, and there’s no argument there. But there are times, not often but sometimes, that it’s necessary to step back and realize that as strong as dads are thought to be sometimes, they break as well, and the results could be anything but pretty. Tom Fordy of The Telegraph can tell you a few things that might make this pop a little more in your conscious mind as well.

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