CSI: Cyber Review: Three girls want to be famous, Brody Nelson sues the FBI

CSI: Cyber

To paraphrase the late music legend David Bowie’s song “Fame”, it’s something that binds your time and will eventually drive you to crime. This fits perfectly with this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber as a trio of girls in Los Angeles go around robbing people of their valuables just to chase after the dream of becoming famous on a local L.A. gossip website called Gossip News Entertainment, or GNE for short.

The way that these girls are going about committing their crimes reminds me of an episode of CSI: NY where a group of women dressed up as Audrey Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and robbed a jewelry store. Only difference is, that these girls are meticulous when planning out their heists. They first hacked into a GPS app called Freelane to divert its users to dead ends or rigged railroad crossings and then rob them. They would then post a video online wearing visors to cover their faces and flaunt their ill-gotten gains to the world.

I was intrigued at the way that Deputy Director Ryan and D.B were able to figure out the personalities of the Flash Squad (that’s what the girls called themselves) through their draft emails that they sent each other. How one girl (later revealed as Madison) was the Alpha and the second one (Sophia) was the Beta and the third (Riley) is the Omega. Made me think of my own personality traits a little bit, but it’s another story for another time.

I also found the fact that terrorists and cartels communicate using this method interesting because they think that it leaves no digital trail, but there’s still a way to follow the trail of emails despite not sending the email itself. Everything, whether it’s physical or virtual, always leaves a trace of it behind. Always.

The scene where Deputy Director Ryan found out that Nelson has filed a lawsuit against the FBI through a phone call from Director Silver made me feel sorry for Nelson because I know what’s going to happen, Deputy Director Ryan will be mad as hell and be on him like a mother lecturing her child for doing something without asking permission or assistance, which is exactly what happened toward the end of the episode.

Back to the case, D.B figured out that they can use the Freelane app to trap the last two remaining members of Flash Squad and capture them before they escape to Mexico. On a side note, why do criminals, cyber or otherwise, always tend to escape either south of the U.S border to Mexico or north of the border to Canada like they do in the movies? They’re going to get caught either way once local law enforcement gets intel about escaped criminals or convicts. Just saying, it’s better to stay behind bars rather than break out of it.

When Agent Krumitz found out that the “stone-cold, hottie private investigator” is none other than the lady that D.B is dating, he congratulated his fellow team member, albeit not face to face, with a “Diebenkorn for the win!” made me snicker. It’s not every day that you hear D.B’s full name being said on the show. I’m sure that the man himself will insist on being called D.B instead of his full name like he did when Jules Finlay wrote out his name on a manila envelope on an episode of CSI .

During the scene where D.B and Greer (guest star Kelly Preston) are having dinner on a rooftop and the latter brought up a potential job offer in Paris, I knew that D.B would refuse her tempting offer of going with her given that he has responsibilities in D.C. even though he really wants to go. He tried to sugar coat his obvious excuse with the Seahawks won’t survive without me comment, and for the record, there is football in France, it’s called soccer (or European Football).

After apprehending Madison and Sophia, and Deputy Director Ryan’s lecture to Brody Nelson, Director Silver came in and asked if Nelson was going to drop the lawsuit, to which the latter replied in the negative. The Director then said that the FBI will drop all charges against Nelson, making him a free man. The downside to that is Cyber’s Hacker-for-Hire program will be shut down, which means that former hackers like Raven will be sent off to jail to serve out the remainder of their sentences. You wanted your freedom, Brody Nelson, you got it, but at what cost? You better fix this pronto if you want to stay together with Raven.

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