How “The Crown” Will Change it Up in Season 2

How “The Crown” Will Change it Up in Season 2

How “The Crown” Will Change it Up in Season 2

While the first season of the Netflix hit series “The Crown” focused on the story of Britain’s monarchy during the first half of the twentieth century, the second season will be quite different. Trailers have been released and Season 2 of “The Crown” will begin December 8. As fans recall Season 1 followed the story of Queen Elizabeth before she was became the Queen of England during the early years of her monarchy as she faced political crises and personal dilemmas as the young wife and mother tried to manage politics and family. Season 2 will begin with the Queen facing her country’s armed forces fighting an illegal war in Egypt and will end with the downfall of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan due to his administrations scandals including a spy for the Soviet Union and the Secretary of State’s sex scandal. As the series progresses, we will see some interesting changes in the show.

Here is how “The Crown” will change it up in Season 2.

The Monarch must adapt to the 1960’s

In Season 2 of “The Crown”, the monarchy will need to adapt to the changing tide of the 1960’s. Up until then the monarchy had been able to hold up its distinguished and rigid rules as the crown tried to balance Parliament and the respect and love of the citizens of England. In the changing decade when “sex, drugs and rock and roll” became more accepted, the esteemed royal family had to learn to adapt and has continued to do so ever since.

Queen Elizabeth’s marriage

While we saw the evolution of Elizabeth’s (Claire Foy) marriage to Philip (Matt Smith) evolve during Season 1 of “The Crown”, the second season promises to focus more on the growth of the marriage. In reality Queen Elizabeth suffered the public rumors of her husband’s infidelities. Like any celebrity marriage this is an issue that the spouses need to deal with to endure. Queen Elizabeth must continue to handle the crises of the government while trying to maintain the dignity and respect of the crown. She will need to focus on her marriage which we know remained strong as the Queen and Prince recently celebrated their seventieth anniversary. We will also see more of the couple’s children, particularly the education of Prince Charles and his relationship with his father.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Season 2 of the “The Crown” will focus more attention on the complexities of Philip Mountbatten. Philip was born to royalty but his family suffered much during his early years. Season 2 will delve into Philips childhood and we will see why he would become such a complex young man. Philip was born into Greek and Danish royalty. He was the youngest of five and the family’s only son. Philip was born on the Greek island of Corfu in 1921 shortly before his family was exiled from Greece during the Turkish wars. Philip was taken under the wing of his uncle, Louis Mountbatten mostly in France and England. His mother was schizophrenic. Philip had little contact with her. Philip’s sister and her family were killed in an airplane crash in 1937. Philip joined the Royal Navy and served in the Second World War. He also corresponded with his second cousin, Elizabeth.

Princess Margaret

We saw how controversial Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) could be in Season 1 of “The Crown”. We will see much more of that in Season 2. When Season 1 ended, Margaret was forced by Parliament and her sister to break off her engagement to the divorced Peter Townsend, Margaret’s first love. Margaret vowed never to marry another man and never to forget what her sister had done. In Season 2 we will see Margaret find love again as well as heartache. She, more than other members of the royal family would adjust to the changing times of the early 1960’s. Margaret will begin her romance with photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones. The two would marry and have 2 children before their divorce in 1978.

The Kennedys

Season 2 will bring visitors to the British royals, the American Kennedys. President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jackie Kennedy made a state visit to Buckingham Palace in June 1961. In “The Crown” we will see President Kennedy (Michael C. Hall) and Jackie (Jodi Balfour) during their state visit. “The Crown” will show the President as a confident man who loved the public and the limelight and his wife who always emanated dignity but was shy and not confident underneath it all.

The last we will see of the main cast

Sadly for Season 1 fans of “The Crown”, Season 2 will be the last we see of the original cast. As the characters age, the creators of “The Crown” don’t plan to use prosthetics or makeup to show signs of age on the young actors and actresses. Instead, Season 3 will reveal new actors portraying the Queen and other characters. Olivia Coleman from “Broadchurch” is set to take over for Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in Season 3.

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