Five Actors That Could Truly Pull off a Crow Remake

Five Actors That Could Truly Pull off a Crow Remake

Five Actors That Could Truly Pull off a Crow Remake

The Crow is a cult favorite that a lot of us were looking forward to since after Brandon Lee’s tragic accident and the ill-fated movies and series that came after the first one there was really no hope that anyone could really pull it off. But given that there’s been an influx of great actors that have come up through the ranks in the last decade or two there’s a lot of hope now that there might be someone that might fill the role and provide some kind of solace by taking up the mantle and creating another film that could hopefully do some justice to the first one. But sadly as it happens Jason Momoa, who was slated to be the next in line to take up the title, bowed out of the remake and thereby the project is indefinitely on hold if not cancelled altogether. That’s a big blow to the fans that wanted to see something come of it and all those that were hoping that there might be a chance that Momoa could pull it off.

But perhaps if they found the right actor they could still get the film going, because after all this was one more film that people absolutely flocked to, no pun intended, and made their own despite the fact that it was not originally considered to be a critical success. Some folks might attribute its popularity to the fact that this was Brandon Lee’s final film and that he died making it. However morbid it might seem there is some truth to that rumor, though it’s best left with a mention and nothing else. But in bringing the The Crow back to theaters the producers and the director would have to find an actor that somehow personifies the spirit of the character and could bring them to life in a way that no one’s been able to do since Lee took up the face paint and tattered black suit.

Here are a few individuals that might fit the bill.

5. Jason Momoa

There are those that still think Jason Momoa should come back and take on the role. He’s got the right attitude and the brooding, sullen look that Erik Draven had at times. He’s got the talent to take on the fighting scenes and the growling voice that could strike terror in the hearts of his enemies. But he’s also able to quip and put people at ease despite his gruff look and manner at times. He still seems like the right guy for the role even if he walked away, so maybe, just maybe there’s a chance that he’ll come back if there can be something worked out between him and the people in charge.

4. Scott Eastwood

Scott’s career is winding up and it feels like and this role could be something that really sets him apart from everyone else. One thing you need to remember about The Crow is that it’s also a love story. Erik was brought back to avenge his own death as well as Shelly’s, and Scott has the look of someone that could be on the warpath when he really gets that squint in his eye, kind of like his dad back in the day. It would be worth a shot to think about him at least and consider what he might bring to the role. If nothing else he’s a romantic that can get violent when he needs to, though the fighting and witticisms might need some work.

3. Christian Bale

Bale’s on here because he knows how to go nuts when the moment calls for it. The Crow was not the most mentally balanced character in the movie simply because he was out for revenge and as a result was flying high on emotion and whatever that was doing to his brain at the time. He was the undead avenger brought back to life for one purpose, but he was also a bit of a lunatic at times. After all, it might have been vengeance, but the smile he had on his face when he blew up Gideon’s Pawn Shop was a bit too feral to be anything rational. Watching Bale do this might be flat out creepy, but entertaining.

2. Michael Fassbender

With any of these guys it’s hard to envision them in the makeup that was worn by the Crow, but his mannerisms and the actions that were taken during the movie call for those that have starred in action movies and have allowed their emotions to run the gamut. Michael Fassbender has taken a lot of flack for his roles in the recent past but at the very least he’s done his absolute best and has impressed a great many people. While the movies that he’s been a part of weren’t epic, his performance as always been spot on, and his action sequences have been brilliant.

1. Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake can do rage, he can do anger, and he can be the guy that would go after those that killed the woman he loved. The only reason such a thing couldn’t happen in Southpaw was the nature of the film and the fact that he had a young daughter that would have suffered more had the character gone off the deep end any further. But in a movie like The Crow he could be unfettered and allowed to tap into that talent that he has for exacting revenge, and it would be nothing less than impressive.

There might be more men that could take on this role, but these individuals just came to mind as good locks for the character.

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