Cosplayer Pays Tribute To Pin-Up Model Painter with a Harry Potter Twist

Is it me or have we featured something Harry Potter related every single day this week?  Nope, it’s not me.  We have.  From Harry Potter soaps, to Harry Potter reunions, to Harry Potter Legos, to Harry Potter Underoos to J.K. Rowling doing an incredible comeback job against her Twitter trolls, it’s been Potter mayhem here at TVovermind.  Let the Harry Potter train to Hogwarts keep rolling in because today’s gallery is just as interesting.

This is a series of Photoshopped photos taken by photographer Josh Randall of cosplayer Ginny Di paying tribute to the iconic pin-ups of painter Gil Elvgren, but with a Harry Potter twist.  The pin-ups pictures here are obviously of the old school variety.  You remember those 50s style pin-ups that portrayed women in such and such a manner?

However, the modernized Potter versions are a breath of fresh air.    Frankly I could see this being an entire Cosplay subculture.  There’s gotta be a market for modernizing old school pin up pictures with that of famous movie characters.  Male or female.

Enjoy the complete set below:

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