Netflix Cancels ‘Cooking with Paris’: A Misguided Attempt at Reinventing Paris Hilton?

Netflix Cancels ‘Cooking with Paris’: A Misguided Attempt at Reinventing Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton’s Culinary Adventure Comes to an End

It might sound harsh, but it’s not surprising that Cooking with Paris has been canceled by Netflix. The show didn’t quite sizzle as much as Hilton might have hoped. From the beginning, it seemed like another attempt by Hilton to maintain the spotlight she craves, but it only reinforced the perception that she’s not as clever as she wants people to believe. The debate over her intelligence continues, but it’s clear that while she may not lack smarts, she’s not entirely wise either. The show appeared to be more about catering to her ego than anything else. From the first clip, it felt like a showcase for Paris and her celebrity friends, with occasional glimpses of them doing something right in the kitchen. However, it’s easy to imagine that they were set up behind the scenes by assistants who actually knew how to cook.

Playing into the Ditzy Blonde Stereotype

It’s fair to assume that Paris and her friends might know their way around a kitchen well enough to avoid burning the house down. But if it’s all an act, then it seems she’s content with the ditzy blonde reputation she’s had for so long and is willing to lean into it for attention. This approach has the potential to further damage her reputation rather than help it, regardless of how many devoted fans come to her defense. Paris has cultivated this image for herself over the years, and recently, she’s tried to distance herself from the party girl and clueless blonde persona she’s often portrayed.

A Saturated Market of Cooking Shows

Cooking shows are a dime a dozen, with countless options available. Many of them, despite featuring skilled chefs, don’t always stand out. The fact that Cooking with Paris was essentially a spoof of a cooking show made some people question its merit. However, fans weren’t ready to criticize her or the show’s concept. Many fans were eager to see if Paris could pull it off. For diehard supporters of Paris and her famous friends, the show was likely a fun, easy-to-watch experience. But it’s not hard to imagine that even some fans might admit that this was one of the worst ideas in recent memory. It’s challenging to find overwhelmingly positive things to say about the show, considering the likelihood that many of the celebrity guests, including Paris, had little to no experience in the kitchen and may have required some training for their on-screen appearances.

Defending Paris and Her Cooking Show

Imagining the number of people who would gladly defend Paris and argue that the show was just a spoof and that she could cook and bake if she wanted is amusing. If she wanted people to view her as intelligent and capable, she would have been cultivating that image for years. However, continuing to criticize her for past actions is unnecessary, as opinions about Paris are largely irrelevant these days. She’s already created a persona that people interpret in various ways. Her time on Netflix with her own ‘cooking’ show is likely over unless a miraculous reinvention occurs.

Embracing the Inane and Ridiculous

If such a reinvention were to happen, it would confirm that people have truly embraced some of the most absurd and ridiculous ideas ever conceived. But that’s already evident, considering the content released on streaming platforms and in theaters over the past several years. Paris has made just as much money acting like a ditz as she has from being an heiress and a supposed entrepreneur. Whether she’ll return with another project or decide that this brief foray was enough remains to be seen. For now, though, it’s a relief that Cooking with Paris has reached its conclusion.

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