Cooking With Paris Gets Canceled: What a Shock

It sounds a little mean, but the fact is that it’s not too hard to think that Cooking with Paris has been canceled from Netflix since the show was, well, not quite as hot as Hilton might have believed. Since the inception of it, the program felt like another attempt by Hilton to keep the attention that she appears to adore but came off as another indication that she isn’t quite as bright as she wants everyone to think. The argument over whether she’s that intelligent or not is still easy to fall into, but it still feels very likely that while she might not lack in intelligence, she’s not entirely wise either since this show already had the appearance of something that was meant to cater to her ego and little else. From the first clip, it felt like something that would be more about Paris and her friends that would guest star on the show and occasionally would show them doing something right. But then again, it’s easy to think that they would be set up behind the scenes by assistants that knew how to cook. 

Granted, it’s fair to think that Paris and her friends might know how to navigate through their kitchens well enough to not burn the house down, but if it’s all an act, then it’s fair to say that she’s happy with the ditzy blonde reputation she’s had for so long and is ready to simply lean into it to gain the attention she wants. That has more potential to continually damage her reputation rather than help it, no matter how many sycophantic fans pop out of the woodwork, ready to defend her honor and her supposed intelligence. The fact is that Paris has created this reputation for herself over the years and in recent years she’s done her best to ensure that people don’t see her as the party girl and the brainless blonde that she’s managed to act like so often. 

Cooking shows are a dime a dozen really, since there are a great number of them out there and a lot of them, despite the skills of their chefs, don’t always come across in the same way. The fact that this was kind of a spoof of a cooking show was enough to make some folks feel that it wasn’t exactly the best idea that Paris could have come up with, but fans weren’t ready to state that she was in the wrong or that it was a bad idea, so, they didn’t. A lot of fans wanted to see this, they wanted to see if Paris could make it happen. And for a lot of people that are diehard, superfans of Paris and her famous friends, it was probably a bit of fun that was easy enough to enjoy, but it’s not hard to think that some folks might be able to admit that despite being fans, they couldn’t help but think that this was one of the worst ideas to come along in quite a while. It’s very difficult to say anything overwhelmingly positive about this show since the knowledge that many of those that made an appearance, including Paris, might have next to no clue how their kitchen works at home and might have had to endure a bit of training for the little bit they did. 

Imagining how many would gladly stand up for Paris and claim that this show was just a spoof and that she could cook and bake her heart out if she wanted is kind of amusing since if she wanted folks to think that she was bright and intelligent then it’s likely that she would have been crafting that persona for years now. But continuing to rag on the woman for things that she’s done throughout her life isn’t needed any longer since one’s opinion of Paris is kind of irrelevant these days given that she’s already created a persona that many people have taken in several different ways. Her time on Netflix in a ‘cooking’ show of her own is pretty well over unless a miracle comes along to reinvent and reinvigorate it. 

If such a thing were to happen it would then be fair to say that people truly have embraced some of the more inane and ridiculous ideas ever imagined. But that was already kind of obvious since some of the material that’s been released to the audience over the past several years among streaming sites and in the theaters makes it clear that she’s made just as much acting like a ditz as she has from being an heiress and a supposed entrepreneur. Whether she’ll come back with something else or perhaps figure that this fun little phase was enough is hard to say, but it’s easy to be thankful that this show is, for the moment, nearing its end. 

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