Constantine and Zatanna Spin-Off Shows Being Develped for HBO Max

Constantine and Zatanna Spin-Off Shows Being Develped for HBO Max

It sounds as though Constantine and Zatanna aren’t going to be guest stars or supporting players any longer on other shows, as they’ll be coming to HBO Max to take on their own programs eventually. To be fair, Constantine was already given a movie starring Keanu Reeves, but the idea kind of divided a lot of fans since some thought it was great and others, not so much. The movie wasn’t that bad to be certain, but perhaps fans were hoping that it would stick to the source material a little more since it felt as though the movie skipped over a lot of pertinent information that could have helped it along. That being said though, Constantine has been appreciated on the small screen since he’s been more like his old self and has been a fine addition to the CW when he shows up. Now that he’s getting his own live-action show it’s bound to be interesting to see what will happen and how the DC universe will shape up with two of its premiere magic-users gaining more notice. So far there hasn’t been a lot of magic use in the live-action DC projects apart from what’s been seen on the CW, but DC has a few magic-users that are quite popular among fans and could widen the universe just a bit and possibly bring in more people that might be interested in watching.

Perhaps the focus of the DC universe needs to shift a bit now and then in order to keep the fans entertained and the stories moving forward since people have been thinking so much about different dimensions and outer space that they’ve neglected to see how other threats could affect the DC universe as well, since despite the fact that science and magic tend to boil down to the same source. One could argue that Wonder Woman has managed to bring in a bit of the supernatural in the form of divine conflict, but Constantine and Zatanna tend to further that feeling with their distinct and very unique approaches to the magical abilities that they use. While Constantine looks more like a detective down on his luck, Zatanna is all about her appearance and the power that is hers to work with, despite the fact that she has a very strange way of casting spells. In a way, Constantine is just a regular human that can call upon a great deal of power thanks to the supernatural forces he deals with, while Zatanna is the type that could easily disarm an enemy with the awkward way she summons her abilities. On their own, it’s going to be intriguing to see how they’ll be written in and what their overall stories will be like.

Magic in the DC universe hasn’t really been explored as much as one might think it has and it’d be great to see it come alive in a much bigger way since as many fans might tell those that don’t know, it could easily level the playing field between villains and heroes since the kind of abilities that are available due to magic and the abilities some heroes and villains that are hampered because of it would be increasingly interesting. The backward magic that Zatanna has at her disposal and the various arcane abilities that Constantine employs would be fun to take a look at, and it would be great if both of them were given an origin story to kick off their shows, especially since it would allow those that don’t read the comics to get to know them a little better. This is after all one reason why people don’t tend to like comic book movies as much since there’s a lot of story left to be told that’s almost never revealed to people and it would be great to see just what else there is to know about certain characters. Perhaps that’s why movies such as Suicide Squad and few others didn’t pan out that well, there’s just too little information and not enough backstory, even if there wasn’t enough room for it in the movie. In any case, a show for both heroes would be great since it would give more time for development and a chance to get to know the characters in a much more intimate manner.

How accurate each show will be is hard to say since as it’s been noted, a lot of directors don’t like to take directly from the comics, not even for origin stories, since they want to do their own thing and keep it entirely original. But there are some aspects that are best not to mess with since they still require a director to stick to the core stories without deviating too much. But with Zatanna and Constantine, it does feel as though there might be a bit of wiggle room.

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