Conductor Sports Dinosaur Costume To Lead Orchestra In Jurassic Park Theme

When you’re leading the Jurassic Park theme there’s really no better way for a conductor to do so then to sport a T-Rex costume while leading the orchestra. It makes sense right? Well at least it’s inventive and kind of fun. I wonder if the poor conductor can see all that well out of the costume. I also wonder if they might be roasting alive in the costume throughout the duration of the concert. Everyone I’ve ever talked to at this point says that those costumes are a lot of fun but they can get a little stuffy at times if there isn’t proper ventilation going through them.

As Halloween costumes they’re not so bad since there’s not a lot of padding on the inside to make it unbearable but the buildup of body heat can at least help to stave off the chill in the air around that time of year, depending on where you’re at in the world. But to wear it to lead an orchestra, indoors, where there’s not a lot of air movement, seems like it would be a personal, indoor sauna that would make anyone pass out after an extended time. Maybe there were air holes punched into the thing that didn’t damage its integrity.

It also make sense considering that in the movies the T-Rex has been like the king of the jungle in many ways, and so is the conductor of an orchestra. They’re both the top dog, so to speak, the alpha that leads the rest of them. Of course in Jurassic World and even Jurassic Park III the king got deposed just a little, well a lot in one case, by something that was bigger and meaner than anything else. At least in Jurassic World the T-Rex had the I. Rex on the ropes right up until the aquatic dinosaur came up and snagged the usurper away.

Anyway, back to the orchestra. No one tries to usurp the conductor’s position unless they happen to be better or the conductor is getting ready to step down anyway. The king of this particular scene is bound to remain king until someone comes along that knows the job better or is ready to supplant or take over for a conductor that is ready to step down. Conductors aren’t typically waiting in the wings for a chance to show what they can do however. In the orchestra scene people tend to take hold of a position quickly if they are experienced enough and skilled enough to grab hold of it and not let go.

I’m sure something like this is done more out of whimsy than keeping hold of a job since you don’t typically see this kind of behavior from an orchestra conductor. Plus it could be an homage to Jurassic Park since they are playing the theme which would make sense, if someone was trying to jazz it up a bit and just have fun with it. I do find myself hoping that the conductor stepped out of the suit after a song or two though, otherwise that could get a little uncomfortable.

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