Supernatural Press Room @ Comic Con – Spoilers, Videos & Photos!

Supernatural Press Room @ Comic Con – Spoilers, Videos & Photos!

No newly fractured finger was going to stop me from attending the Supernatural press room at Comic Con on Sunday morning (mostly because I was waiting to return to Canada to go to the hospital because it wouldn’t cost me anything). It is, however, making this post extremely difficult to type.
But the press room was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Ever. Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins, Eric Kripke, Ben Edlund and Sera Gamble were all present for round-table discussions with me and other reporters. So do I go the serious journalist route and tell you about season 6 (including spoilers, but those will be marked), or do I squeal like I did when I was 11 and first attended a New Kids on the Block concert?
Yeah, fangirl route first.
OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, I met Jared, Jensen Misha and Jim. OH MY GOD!!!! *Faints*
Ahem, now onto serious journalism. I’ve attached videos below of the individual table interviews. Sometimes you can’t hear the question from the other reporters, but the audio from the producers and actors is fine. But let me summarize. First of all, everyone on the cast and the producers are really nice, and funny (although Misha in particular is hilarious).
I don’t think it’s a spoiler to reveal a bit about what we’ve already heard about season 6: namely that the show is essentially being rebooted. Kripke kind of referred to it as a movie sequel. The season is meant to be a sort of “film noir style” (which Misha said was perfect for his character because he already has the costume) and will heavily explore the mythology and origins of monsters and other demons.
I listened to our readers and told Kripke that a lot of people felt that Dean’s importance in the apocalypse had been played up in seasons 4 and 5 and then his importance was down-played in the end. He, however, has a completely different interpretation of it. He said that the show has always been family – not about one brother over the other, but about both of them. Salvation of the planet depended on both of them acting equally. Dean’s decision to sacrifice himself and go to Sam in the end (the love and forgiveness he had built for Sam over years) WAS the fulfillment of his role in the apocalypse. And that those actions were as important as anything else Dean could have done as Michael’s vessel or any other role.
Jim assured us there would be no more kissing between Bobby and Crowley (for all of you who had hoped). He also praised Jensen’s directing abilities (so did the rest of the cast, actually). Jared talked a lot about Sam’s state of mind after returning from hell, but I’ve included that information below in the spoilers, just to be safe.
I asked Ben Edlund a question I had been dying to ask: how would the series have ended if the fifth season finale had been the series finale? I should have asked Kripke this, because Edlund wasn’t 100% certain, but he said that Sam probably would not have gotten out of hell. I told him that would have been a really sad ending.
Kripke and Gamble also said they have no idea whether they’ll get another season, but told us that the storyline has certainly been designed to go on longer. When Gamble was asked whether we would see the Ghostfacers again she said she had hoped they would be back, but they’re web superstars and they’re not sure yet what role they would play. She also said she would hope to see young John and Mary if they can do another flashback episode.
Now, onto SPOILERS:
When season 6 starts a year will have passed in the Supernatural universe. Dean will still be living with Lisa and Ben and will essentially be a “husband” and “father”.
Monsters will be more active than ever in season 6. Misha says the answer as to why will somehow be related to something Castiel is involved in, but wouldn’t tell us what.
Despite the fact that season 6 appears to be a monster-of-the-week type season, the entire season will still tie heavily into the mythology (especially the mythology concerning heaven, angels and Castiel).
The state of Bobby’s soul is still an issue between Bobby and Crowley and will be dealt with early on in the season.
As I had predicted in my season 5 finale recap, Sam will not be telling Dean that he is alive for a year.
Edlund wrote the episode that reunites Castiel with the brothers (episode 3 or 6).
We will see other angels again in season 6. Edlund mentioned that Rafael is still around and angry.
Sam is SAM. As far as Jared knows, he is 100% the Sam he was before Lucifer possessed him, although he is a different “type” of Sam.
Sam will be a different person in season 6. He will be “lighter” and will be more engaged with outside people, especially women. Jared essentially said that season 6 Sam is like season 1 Dean (and vice versa). He will be more of a “shoot first, ask questions later” guy. He won’t be heartless, but he is tactical and is prepared to accept collateral damage. He will feel justified of the fact that he didn’t tell Dean he was alive and back from hell.
Gamble didn’t exactly explain in what capacity we would see Granda Campbell again (seeing as he died in a flashback episode), but she said that the Campbells are essentially a group of hunters that Sam and Dean haven’t come across before. They’re very good hunters, but only work with each other and didn’t get into the life because of personal tragedy like John and Bobby.
Gamble says we will learn “a little way into the season” how long Sam was actually in hell.
Castiel’s human side has been severely tampered down and Misha says that he will have more angel emotions than human emotions. His new mission will be to restore order to heaven.
I also filmed and took photos during the panel itself and plan to post those soon. The panel was particularly funny, so I think you’ll definitely enjoy that.
FYI, Gamble says one NSFW word during her interview.
By the way, Jared’s dimples? So cute. I can’t even tell you how awesome the whole experience was.
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