Five of the Most Memorable Moments from Spelling Bees

Spelling Bee Winners

No matter what time of year it is, I love Spelling Bee time. It’s that classic time when you see the most nervous of the nervous/smartest kids in the country.  What’s better are the classic reactions that any human would have under pressure.  These reactions are magnified at a Spelling Bee because A. it’s on television and B. these are children we’re talking about.

But it’s not like the judges make it much easier. They’re firm and tough. And I think that also makes it even more entertaining. All that hard work, one bad letter, and poof you go into that consolation room with all the other kids that lost.

I’m not hyping this up anymore. These are 5 classic moments in spelling bees.


This was classic. And the best part is that there’s no way this kid ever used the word we’re all thinking about before.


Really spelling bee? That’s the word you’ve chosen?

Kid Impersonates Napoleon Dynamite

Kid whips out a little Napoleon Dynamite and not a soul in the building knew what he was doing.  Hey I thought it was pretty funny.

Racially Charged?

Really? Did they really allow this on television?  Of all the words they could have chosen they choose one that completely sounds racially motivated?  Shame on them.

Talk About Awkward

Wow, I’d hate to be this kid’s parent.

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