“Clarissa Explains It All” Reboot Starring Melissa Joan Hart in the Works

“Clarissa Explains It All” Reboot Starring Melissa Joan Hart in the Works

“Clarissa Explains It All” Reboot Starring Melissa Joan Hart in the Works

The reboots continue to roll out as Clarissa Explains It All becomes the next in a steadily growing list of shows that seem to be getting targeted for a return. Melissa Joan Hart would even be coming back to reprise her role in this show, but this time instead of being the wise-cracking young girl that speaks directly to the audience she’d be the mother that would do the same thing. So really it’d be more like a continuation of the show with the same character who is now grown and has different interests to share with the audience that she continually talks to.

Sigh. It seems like those that loved these shows might be excited to have them back but the act of creating reboots at his point is becoming a hit or miss kind of thing and really the misses have stacked up a little more than the hits. Why is that? Usually it’s because once a show is quit, done, finished, and relegated to TV history it’s a safe bet that while people might want them back, actually bringing them back would be something that might undermine the integrity of the original idea. Think about rebooting your PC. Once you’ve had to do it just once it might be okay, things might work out and it might go back to what it used to be in terms of efficiency. But that doesn’t make it the finely-tuned thing it once was as it’s already had its chance and is now just a little less efficient for having had to be rebooted. It doesn’t work the same way for TV shows but the idea is that once something has been created and used for so long the chances of being able to bring it back to the original form that people loved are slim.

People think they want this, they clamor for it and state that it would be the best thing in the world to have a part of their childhood back. But let’s stop and think about this. Do any of us think the same way we did when we were kids? Would any of us think the same things about what Clarissa had to say back then? The chances aren’t good that we would think she was all that up on current events and that in-depth when it came to anything she was talking about. It would have nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with experience. What we think while we’re kids is extremely different from what we think as adults in many cases. We’re usually not bound to employ the same line of thought as we did when we were much younger. That would probably be why the main character would now be the mom, since she could relay more adult-oriented thoughts to the audience and make a lot more sense. But still, the novelty of it seems to have worn off a long time ago.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this show will be a hit. If so, then look for an article saying something to that effect.

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