Chris Pratt Stars in His First Commercial, For Michelob Ultra

Chris Pratt Stars in His First Commercial, For Michelob Ultra

There is somewhat of a buzz moving through Hollywood right now as the Super Bowl approaches. This is not your usual buzz, but it is based on what some consider to be a significant shift in paradigms, at least for one actor in particular. Over the course of his career, actor, Chris Pratt, has consistently declined all offers for him to appear in commercials, which has been noted on a number of occasions. According to several sources, it appears that Pratt has had a change of heart, at least a temporary shift in paradigms. He has made an exception to his rule to not do commercials – agreeing to appear in a Michelob Ultra commercial for the Super Bowl.

When asked what convinced him to agree to do the Super Bowl Slot, he explained that he has not missed a Super Bowl since 1985, and he identifies strongly with the event and the sport. Pratt went on to say that he not only identifies with the NFL and the Super Bowl but the commercials that are aired during the event. He says that the commercials have always been the most exciting part of the event, which is the most watched event of the year.

In somewhat of a facetious tone, Pratt, who has starred in blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, suggested that doing a commercial for the Super Bowl might actually open things up for him professionally. The truth is that Pratt does not need any help with that at all but appearing in the commercial will definitely allow him to increase the number of zeros in his bank account, as Super Bowl ads are some of the highest grossing and highest paying commercials of the year.

Pratt said he remembers watching Whitney Houston perform the Star-Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl in the early 90s and while she was already a star, she became an icon. Actually, I personally would argue that starring alongside Kevin Costner in the movie Bodyguard is what made Whitney an Icon; however, who can say if that Super Bowl Performance, which is widely considered the best public performance of the Star-Spangled Banner in history, is what laid the foundation for her to land the role in the Bodyguard.

Pratt will be joining a list of notable celebrities that will be starring in Super Bowl ads, including Cindy Crawford, Tiffany Haddish, and Morgan Freeman. Additionally, I am almost certain that Samuel L. Jackson will be asking, “What’s in your wallet,” at some point during the game. Pratt admitted that he bumped up his physical training regimen to ensure that he was in tip-top condition when he shot the commercial. He admitted that he treated his approach to shooting the commercial the same as approaching a big film.

The commercial is one that focuses on creating a balance between a healthy lifestyle and having a little beer-infused fun. According to sources close to the star, he allegedly dropped 60 pounds to star in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so he knows a little bit about adopted a healthy lifestyle.

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