The Importance of Individuality in Children’s Lives: A Reflection on ‘Children’

The Importance of Individuality in Children’s Lives: A Reflection on ‘Children’

The Importance of Individuality in Children’s Lives: A Reflection on ‘Children’

Children: A Chilling Glimpse into a Regimented World

‘Children’ offers a haunting look into the regimented lives of kids, serving as a powerful reminder of why children need to be themselves – unique individuals with more to offer than mere obedience. Life is already a challenging journey from the moment we’re born to the day we pass on, so why make it even more depressing and unbearable? The current environment in which we raise our children has not yet reached this extreme, but with the current trends, it seems to be heading that way rapidly. The problem with such a life is that it isn’t a life at all. It’s not even a shadow of a life compared to what a child needs to truly expand their minds and experiences.

The Dangers of Conformity and Constant Testing

The constant testing, conformity, and the idea that kids should be seen and not heard are all part of a regimented practice that has no true place in the development of children. Kids are naturally loud, curious, and prone to questioning authority. They are bound to break free of their bonds when the time comes to announce to the world that “I am.” It’s a natural part of life to want to be adventurous, rebellious, and occasionally throw caution to the wind.

If children are bound by rules and regulations every minute of every day, there is no life and no growth. There must be a healthy balance between what is important to their learning and what is important to their development. The soccer game in ‘Children’ was particularly striking, as both teams were allowed to score to keep the game even so that no one would really win, but no one would really lose either. The participation awards that have become prevalent in society today are a placating act designed to make children feel great about the fact that they tried, even if they didn’t win. However, this approach does more harm than good.

Life Doesn’t Reward Mere Effort

Life doesn’t reward you if all you do is try and don’t succeed. If you attempt to do your best and still fall short, life won’t give you the consolation prize of a job and a decent living. Life will not grant you a wonderful existence if you know how to take orders and nothing else. And life certainly will not reward you if all you can do is keep your mouth shut and your head down. Some might argue with these points, but for children, this is no way to live. They are not meant to be mindless little automatons that never question and never do anything but what they’re told.

Allowing Children to Speak, Act, and Grow

Children must be allowed to speak, act, and grow in their own individual ways. Their development is dependent upon many factors, but one of them is the freedom to act, speak, and be who they want to be. There can be no true freedom in a system that forces children to simply obey and not question.

As we reflect on the chilling world presented in ‘Children,’ let us remember the importance of nurturing individuality and encouraging curiosity in our own children’s lives. Only then can they truly grow and thrive in a world that demands more than just obedience.

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