Young and the Restless Recap: Chelsea Does Not Give Up the Search for Adam

young and the restless recap

On Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, we learned that Chelsea is not about to give up on Adam. She is aware that something is not right. She might not know yet what is going on with her husband, but she knows without a doubt that there is something wrong with him and that he is missing. He should have made it to Spain a long time ago. She cannot get in touch with him, no one else has heard from him and she knows. She knows. She knows that he is missing. She has no idea who took him, but she knows and she will stop at nothing to find out where he is. She continued all day long to worry and to wonder about her husband, and she is doing whatever it takes to find him. Will she?

Dr. Anderson is still playing a dangerous game with her patients, and they’ve taken notice. When share tells Nick that it was at Dr. Anderson’s insistence she no longer take her medication, Nick does not take that information lightly. As a matter of fact, he takes it with upset. It doesn’t take the two of them very long to figure out that the good doctor is playing them both once they realize that she is in the midst of telling Share one thing, Nick another and anyone else she encounters something completely different.

With Victor’s apparent unhappiness over Paul telling him that Chelsea did exactly what she said she was going to do, which is file a missing person’s report. Paul isn’t sure what’s going on, but since he’s not an idiot and he can put two and two together, we see as he begins to put two and two together. Victor continues to brush off Chelsea’s claims that Adam is missing by telling everyone he is away on business, however, he is also hired people to search for his son. A man assured that his son is fine doesn’t hire someone to look for him when he has no doubts.

young and restless recap

We now know for a fact that Dylan and Kevin have found a ransom note for Adam’s safety. The letter asks them to deliver a woman to them for his safe return, but they are not entirely certain what that even means. What woman? They spend much of their time together discussing what this means, who it might be and whether or not they can choose the woman that the kidnappers want to have in return for Adam’s safety. They also wonder whether or not giving up the correct women to these people — or this person — will simply mean putting another life at risk or if it will mean that they do get Adam back safely. There is no way to know for certain, and it left these two with far more questions than answers by the end of today’s episode. The only answer these two receive is that the woman in question that the kidnappers want is actually Marisa and Luca makes it abundantly clear his wife’s safety is not in question here; he will not trade Marisa to kidnappers just to save Adam. His loyalties are with his wife.

Unfortunately, Marisa has already been taken. Noah tells Luca that Victor did what he had to do to save his son, but Luca is furious over the safety of his wife. Taken by two men, he wonders if he will ever be able to find her, if she will return and if she will ever be his again. And will Adam actually be returned? We learn that these questions Luca and Noah had earlier before they were sure the woman in the note was Marisa are still the questions Luca is asking after he finds out she’s already been taken.

Chelsea is still desperate, completely unaware of what is going on at the moment. This is when she approaches Sharon, who recently learned her husband was made a detective — a fact about which she is not all right — and asks her to allow Dylan to help her find her husband. Sharon doesn’t want her husband involved — she clearly has no idea he already is more involved than he wants to be, and she and Chelsea argue. The show ends without any real answers to anything, a second missing person and deceit on every front. Stay tuned for spoilers about Tuesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless.


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