Check Out This Emotional “I Was Better” Tribute to Black Widow

This is going to be happening for a while no doubt since the first time losing the Black Widow was hard enough, but it’s bound to happen now that since the solo movie has come along that people will be feeling that heartache all over again. This tribute kind of makes that clear since the character of Black Widow was still a hard one to lose given that she probably should have had a solo movie much sooner. But it really needs to be asked, would that have made a difference? Granted, the character was far less sexual in the solo movie than she was in say, Iron Man 2, where the sexuality she was given was more or less required for the mission she was on since by the time she changed out of her sexy attire and into her bodysuit, it was time to get down to business and not bother with sex appeal any longer. Likewise, when she was being threatened by a small group of mob affiliates and was dressed in an alluring outfit, she eventually dropped the act and made short work of her opponents.

The idea of making her too sexual was more or less a way to get Natasha into the situations in which she found herself, which only lasted as long as they needed to for her to get what information was needed. Then it was time to simply kick butt and be the strong and powerful individual she was. The reactions to her appearance and the allure she had were likely pretty disturbing for some people, but instead of accepting the fictional state of it, a lot of people found themselves in opposition to it as they were down to blame the MCU and Disney for their own feelings of discomfort. The fact is this, Black Widow was trained in the Red Room to be a deadly fighter, spy, and many other things. Every woman there was trained to use their wiles as well as whatever weapons they trained with, including their own bodies.

People objecting to the manner in which heroes have been dressed often makes sense from a practical standpoint since looking at the comics does bring to mind the adolescent fantasies of many people who thought that a hero or villain going into battle with little more than a skimpy bodysuit on would be okay. We learned as we grew up that fighting with very little on would not be a good idea unless one’s skin was tough enough to resist bullets or anything else that might come their way. Even those with skin that was impervious to damage needed to wear something at one point in order to make sense. But to her own credit, Natasha has almost always been fully clothed when going into battle, with the zipper on her suit down obviously since those adolescent fantasies are hard to get rid of. But as far as being clad in enough clothing, the only issue with Natasha’s for a long time is that they’ve been skin-tight, which leaves little to the imagination. In Iron Man 2 and the Avengers, she was a little more alluring, though she wasn’t as scantily clad as she could have been.

Her story in the MCU is done at any rate since it sounds as though Scarlett Johansson is done with the MCU, meaning that if there is any more mention of a Black Widow, it will likely be Yelena who will take on the mantle and make her way into the fray. It would already appear that she’s being recruited to take on and take out Hawkeye thanks to the post-credits at the end of the movie. That could prove to be interesting since Hawkeye was the guy trying to prevent her from falling on Vormir, which Yelena might not believe since she was definitely attached to her sister. But it kind of depends on what’s going on as the MCU moves forward since thinking that Valentina is going to pit other heroes against the Avengers and will attempt to create her own teams isn’t beyond belief. It’s a pretty big gamble considering that a lot of those that are now involved in Phase 4 are going to be meeting each other at one point or another.

Things are continuing to shape up in a big way, but for Natasha, the show is over, and fans are bound to keep paying tribute to her as they attempt to reason why she didn’t get a movie sooner, why she wasn’t seen as more important, and so on and so forth with the questions. One thing that fans should be grateful for is that she was even there to begin with. The first female Avenger was Janet van Dyne, after all, the Wasp, while Black Widow didn’t come until much later.

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