Check Out These Star Wars Characters as Pokemon Evolutions

I seriously had to stop laughing, in a good way, to really comment on Ry-Spirit’s artwork since the artist has taken Star Wars and Pokemon and put them together in one of the most amusing and competent ways possible. Just imagine now if some of the characters in Star Wars were allowed to evolve and take on different traits as they went along, and how impressive some of them would be. Obviously the forms we’ve already seen would be their evolved form, while something else would be coming along as their final form. It makes sense that R2-D2 would evolve from a form that looks far more like a trash can than his otherwise classic form, and then into a mech-like form that no one would dare to mess with unless they had a super laser on them and a lot of ambition to take down what looks like a seriously dedicated droid that could do some major damage.

Oh yeah, there’s more.

Do you get the sense that C-3PO’s use kind of comes and goes with the vast amount of knowledge that he has stored within his memory banks? It’s impressive that the artist went this far with it, a leaky bladder and oil stains all over the place are kind of funny after all, but the fact is that the golden droid has stood out in the franchise for a long time as the keeper of knowledge and not much else, other than his incessant whining of course. To be fair he’s had a part in a few adventures and been there for a lot of stuff, but more often than not he’s at his best when trying to ascertain a language or find out a hidden tidbit of information.  Unless it’s written in Sith of course.

Wow, who knew that Hutts could mature as they got older? Jabba was definitely one of the worst of his kind, and that’s saying something since Hutts were notorious for being as mean, greedy, and ready to turn on anyone for a credit if it benefited them. But maybe Hubba being the final form is something that George Lucas just never took into consideration. Of course given the fact that Leia kind of destroyed this fantasy it’s easy to think that Hubba might be Jabba’s more evolved cousin.

Nibblebaca looks as though he might chew up your slippers or wet the floor if he’s not properly trained, while Munchbacca might have lost a leg in battle at some point and had a huge, hulking limb attacked to compensate. Plus, the white coloring of his fur would suggest a pretty advanced age since looking at how Wookies age its kind of evident that they don’t go naturally grey all the time and keep a lot of their regular coloring. But hey, this is another artist’s perspective so let’s just go with it and enjoy the artwork. Plus, it looks like Munchbacca lost an arm at some point too, the grizzly old Wookie, and an eye. Can we just assume that Munchbacca isn’t so much evolved as he’s just another form of Chewbacca that’s unwilling to die?

YoYo might be a good bit of inspiration for a prequel at some point, but Babayoda is just flat out scary since if anyone knows the legend of the folk figure known as Baba Yaga then think about the legend having Force powers. Yeah, shudder. This isn’t the kind of Force user that you’d want to rile up or even come within a thousand feet of since Yoda on his own is pretty strong and more than capable of doing great things. His next form though is likely to cause a starfighter to crash just because its engine is too loud.

Not a lot of folks that haven’t read the books know that much about Ackbar, but it was kind of a bummer that he didn’t get a bigger part in the most recent trilogy since he’s been one of the greatest military leaders in Star Wars history. His evolution is probably one of the most natural on this list since as a younger version it’s likely that Ackbar wasn’t as confident as he became later on in his military career.

Jawas are curious creatures and there’s not a lot known about them other than the fact that they’re junkers and they’re just kind of annoying. But thinking that they could band together and form Wawaweewa is kind of disquieting since a ticked off Jawa doesn’t sound like something a person would want to mess with.

Yeah, it doesn’t feel like even Obi-Wan would be able to take on this many lightsabers at once and come out the other side without being singed or missing a limb or three. But on the plus side, an opponent trying to sort out the mechanics of working eight different lightsabers at once means this particular evolutionary stage wouldn’t last long since, let’s face it, more lightsabers don’t necessarily make one a better killing machine.

This actually feels like the natural evolution of Jar Jar anyway, doesn’t it? He’s been hated for so long that now, after so many years, and a recent trilogy that’s actually hated more than the prequels, Jar Jar can finally rest a little easier.

This is when you go from ‘aww’ to ‘cute’ to ‘holy hell someone took BB-8 and merged him with Unicron from the Transformers’. Whether the artist did this or not is irrelevant since it’s a cool look and an obvious sign, don’t mess with this droid.

This is the idea of a character going from the line of ‘Woe is me’ to ‘NOW HEAR THIS!’, as D-O was kind an odd add-on to start with but has gained at least a little traction with fans for one reason or another.

Maz is definitely a cool character since she’s the type that doesn’t take guff from anyone and is able to command the respect from pirates and smugglers that many wouldn’t even get if they lived to be twice her age. But Maz as a powerful Force user? Yes please, make it happen, Disney.

So basically a Porg doesn’t really get any more or less useful as it evolves. Got it.

With all respect to the artist, these were awesome. Yes, even the Porg.

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