Check Out The Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller Reminiscence

Reminiscence almost feels like it could be two different movies and people would be okay with that, since it introduces a couple of situations that are quite a bit different but are bound to make some people feel a little anxious. In a future where Miami is slowly sinking as the sea continues to rise, it would appear that people have nothing to look forward to, so the idea is to give them something to look back on by developing a means to let people peer into the past. The only problem here, well, one among many really, is that upon falling for a woman that he’s mystified by, Nick Bannister eventually discovers she has a bit of a troubled past that includes criminal acts that might send him down a very dark path as he tries to find out who she is and why she’s done what she has. In a sense, this feels like another movie that’s bound and determined to give people the idea that looking into the past might be all well and good when it comes to remembering the pleasant and decent times, but the memory is an imperfect thing that might catch quite a bit but can also be altered by the perceptions of the individual.

In a way this kind of feels like a disaster movie coupled with Inception with a dash of something akin to a post-apocalyptic story given that Miami is sinking, war broke out, and someone has a device that can allow people to, in essence, muck around with their mind in some potentially harmful manner. It might be a decent story and it definitely has the actors that can make it happen, but at the same time, it could possibly be something that goes by the wayside once it’s released. Taking a look at the trailer it does feel as though it might be able to do something at the box office and could be another movie that Hugh Jackman will be known for, but the big hope here is that we’re not being fed the best parts in the trailer since a movie such as this feels as though it might need a lot of exposition just to get off the ground.

People do tend to enjoy movies that have something to do with the mind since what is known about the human psyche and how it operates still tends to pale in comparison to everything that has yet to be learned. Many people would no doubt argue that point but it does feel as though there are several reasons why leaving such things alone or theorizing about them a little longer might be wiser than mucking about with memories. Besides the fact that many have found that as much as we value our memories, they’re not always reliable and can be influenced in a number of different ways by outside factors or personal bias. As an idea for a movie though, it does sound entertaining to do something that might be dangerous and definitely would send someone down a very dark path. It’s drama after all, and action, and intrigue, and the sheer entertainment of it all that drives us, pulls us, pushes us, and sometimes even dictates how we’ll feel about a story.

On the outside of this particular story looking in it does feel as though it might look a little more complicated than it really is, but again, that feeling that there’s too much going on that is barely held together by a single thread is hard to shake since the manner in which it’s presented appears to be cohesive, but the ideas just don’t appear to mesh that well. Maybe upon watching the movie the connections will be made in a more efficient manner, thereby making it possible to get into the movie just a little more and enjoy it for what it is, not what a person wants it to be. One has to wonder how many different ways the human mind is going to be put on trial in the movies in the years to come since if a person really thinks about it, we’ve seen quite a few movies that deal with the human brain, psyche, ego, id, and so on and so forth and while a good number of them have been more than a little entertaining, there have been some true flops as well in there that haven’t really delivered on the promises that the trailers put forth. Reminiscence does look like it will feature killer special effects that will lead towards a good deal of symbolism, but apart from that, the hope is that the story will be well-crafted and capable of keeping the attention of those that decide to watch the movie when it releases. If that happens then it should be easy to say that this movie was worth it.

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