Check Out The Trailer for New STARZ Drama “BMF”

Check Out The Trailer for New STARZ Drama “BMF”

Check Out The Trailer for New STARZ Drama “BMF”

The rise of one criminal or another in the US has always led to a slew of discussions over what made it possible, why it’s romanticized beyond belief, and in the case of the BMF, why it was seen as people of color taking back what had been taken from them for so long. Any idea that has a person preying on others, including those they call their own people so that they can prosper and either give back to their community or horde it all for themselves, or a little of both, is one that has been pushed numerous times over the years since the whole Robin Hood mentality has become something that many audience members tend to love since it creates a good story and when applied to real-life stories it becomes even more popular sometimes as people find that they want to learn more about the story in order to discover what’s real and what was exaggerated by Hollywood. Black Mafia Family is the story of two brothers who worked their way up to become two of the most powerful figures in the drug trade, which means it’s a movie that’s going to feature plenty of violence and a lot of very shady material.

It’s very easy to get embroiled in the whole debate over how and why the drug trade came to be picked up by so many people around the nation, but the point of this movie appears to be that the brothers who get involved in the trade are looking for a way to protect their family and give them everything they want while becoming rich and powerful at the same time. And there’s always one other thing that people want the most, especially since it’s a bedrock element that goes with many professions but is hard to gain and easy to lose: respect.

Unfortunately, in the drug trade one has to realize that respect gives way easily to fear since figuring out how far a person will go to first attain and then keep the power that they have might generate a certain level of respect, but fear is almost always going to be one of the driving forces behind any respect that comes from those that operate in a trade that promotes violence when people step out of line in any perceived manner. Some might go so far as to say that romanticizing or even normalizing anything to do with the drug trade is a dangerous proposition since even as entertainment it can show people that there is money to be made when it comes to being ruthless and fully capable of doing whatever it takes to get what they want. But the counter to that is the fact that such movies also end up showing the downsides and the eventual drawbacks of such a lifestyle. There might be plenty of moments in such movies that show the high life and the glitz and glam, but they also tend to show the results of double-crossing people or messing with the wrong individuals that don’t want to see others succeed if they’re the competition.

And as far as the explanation of where the drugs came from to make such individuals powerful and rich, there’s no doubt that something shady happened that should be brought to light, but the fact that so many individuals embraced the life and didn’t appear to care about getting anyone high so long as they paid is something that needs to be highlighted as well. Many might say that such a thing has been the focus of many drug-related movies, but the fact is that the idea gets buried far too often and the idea of why people can’t and won’t stop and instead find some way to help their community in a positive manner is usually counted as naive since the common thought is that ‘it is what it is’. What it really sounds like is that those that didn’t care about the community as much as they claimed to came in, did what they could to get rich, and kept preying off of anyone they possibly could in order to stay that way. Maybe watching the movie will give some folks a better idea.

So far from the trailer, it does look like it will pull people in and give them a reason to talk kindly about it since the acting and the overall drama of it does appear to be on point and ready to go. But again, the whole idea behind it, keeping in mind this is based on a story, is something that still ends up as confusing every time I think about it. The story should be something that will keep people entertained and possibly get them interested in looking into the history of the drug trade. the drug traderise of one criminalkept preying off of anyone

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