Diving into the Depths of ‘Brividi’: Italy’s Eurovision 2022 Entry

Diving into the Depths of ‘Brividi’: Italy’s Eurovision 2022 Entry

Brividi, Italy’s captivating entry in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, showcases the talents of Mahmood and BLANCO. Ranking 6th in the competition, this beautiful love song resonates with rich and complex themes that captivate audiences. Join us as we delve into the lyrics and message of Brividi.

Exploring the Heartache of Lost Love

Brividi Song Eurovision 2022

Brividi opens with the poignant emotions of lost love. The persona yearns for the love they once felt, questioning if there was anything they could have done to salvage their crumbling relationship. The realization that love has vanished is no longer just a feeling, but a fact, as the light has disappeared from their partner’s eyes (non vedo più la luce nei tuoi occhi).

Stripped Bare and Shivering

The chorus begins with the line “nudo con i brividi“, which translates to “naked with chills” in English. While “nudo” can mean “naked”, it also signifies “barren”. The phrase “nudo con i brividi” conveys that the persona’s life is now devoid of love, once abundant but now stripped away like a garment.

Taking the literal translation, love can be likened to a coat, providing warmth and comfort. Without love, life becomes cold and harsh. Deprived of love’s warmth, the persona is left shivering (con i brividi) and exposed, as the love that once enveloped them is gone.

Desperate Attempts to Rekindle Love

The remainder of the chorus reveals the persona’s efforts to revive their love. Blaming themselves for its demise, they see themselves as perpetually in the wrong (ti vorrei amare, ma sbaglio sempre). Despite this, they are willing to make amends and put in the effort to see their partner again and reconcile.

The line “pagherei per andar via” is particularly intriguing. English subtitles translate it as “I will pay to leave”, but the word “andar” carries a subtle nuance. Andar means to go, and via signifies “way” (route). When the singer croons “pagherei per andar via“, they are not expressing a willingness to pay for a trip away. Instead, they convey a readiness to do anything to continue on their path, as they are trapped by their longing. There are two ways for them to andar via – either to leave each other or reunite, and they are prepared to do whatever it takes (pagherei) to achieve either outcome.

The Suffocating Toxicity of Unexpressed Love

For a loving relationship to endure, both parties must be present for each other, communicate their intentions clearly, and express their needs and emotions effectively. This is the message conveyed in the bridge. BLANCO’s four lines lament being trapped in a prison (vivo dentro una prigione), which can be interpreted as the never-ending cycle of trying to stay close to their partner without achieving any results.

This sense of stagnation arises because the partner is not expressive (non so dirti ciò che provo, è un mio limite). This interaction highlights how one party may desperately seek attention, only to lose faith when the other is unable to provide it.

The Diamond Bicycle: A Symbol of Love’s Dreams

Diving into the Depths of ‘Brividi’: Italy’s Eurovision 2022 Entry

The song references a bicycle made of diamonds (bici di diamanti) at the beginning and near the end. This symbolizes the dreams and aspirations of love. Soaring on the diamond bicycle represents the freedom to express oneself in love, unshackled from the constraints, fears, and destructive thoughts that stem from poorly expressed love. Mahmood approaches his partner, affirming that he is there and still willing to ride the diamond bike with them. This emphasizes the importance of openness in love, clearing away doubts and uncertainties for both partners.

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