Check Out The Simpsons Couch Gag Done Pixel Art Style

Check Out The Simpsons Couch Gag Done Pixel Art Style

Say what you will about pixel art, and it is art, don’t kid yourself, but it definitely changes things when it’s applied and tends to make a lot of things look like a video game. Angie Kordic of Widewalls can give you more information on this. Thankfully that’s jut fine when it comes to the Simpsons since they’ve been a cartoon, a video game, and have been given so many different representations throughout the years that it’s hard to think of one that hasn’t been done yet. Live action might be something that people would claim but in truth the whole live action presentation might actually be kind of creepy if it was true to form, or it might be kind of underwhelming really. The Simpsons have been around so long that their animated form has been the most accepted and the most recognized throughout pop culture, so transferring them to another medium isn’t really going to do much except change their look, not the whole feel of the show. The opening to the program though is iconic for a lot of reasons since not only does it show a person around a few parts of Springfield, but it introduces a number of characters at the same time as the family is interacting with them or moving past them in quick snippets of action so that people might recognize the characters and any possible changes that might be made from time to time.

The most recognizable and anticipated change however is the couch scene which has become a big reason why some people tune in since they want to see just how the family is going to appear on the couch for each episode, and there have been some truly interesting ideas that have cropped up over the years. From fourth wall breaks to crossovers that give the Simpsons a new look every now and then that couch scene has been one of the indicators of how the family has been allowed to keep up with the current times in pop culture and how they’ve managed to remain so popular in the first place. Out of so many families that have existed in sitcoms throughout the years this is one that people have taken to in such a way that it’s amazing really to think that anything hasn’t been done as of yet in terms of the animation that makes the show possible. The show has changed a great deal over the years but it’s also managed to keep that same sense of personality that’s allowed it to stick around for so long.

There have been changes of course and there will no doubt be many changes to come before the show eventually goes off the air for good, which definitely appears to be a thought since rumors and speculation came up about the show being ended not too long ago. There’s no danger of The Simpsons leaving the airwaves just yet but the thought is that they can’t remain indefinitely, and when they go it’s bound to be made into a big deal since they’ve been one of the longest-running shows to ever be so widely accepted and loved by the audience. There are a lot of those that have either grown up with the Simpsons having been a part of their life or have watched the family rise to prominence and gain the kind of notice that they have now. A good number of us can still remember that the show came from The Tracey Ullman Show to start with and wasn’t all that great when it came to the animation, as it was more of an extra feature back in those days, something that might have potential but still wasn’t nearly as widely accepted as it has been for years now. Back then some people might have even said that it wasn’t bound to last, that it wouldn’t be around for long, and so on and so forth. Those same people probably don’t feel foolish, but they likely aren’t talking as much about it either.

The Simpsons have been a mainstay in pop culture for so long now that they’ve actually seen trends rise and fall, outlasting even those shows that came after their rise and failed well before now. Something about the family has struck a chord with people all over the world, and it’s been evident just how much people love the Simpsons for a long time. In fact it’s because of videos like this, at least in part, that we get to constantly remember just how much appreciation people have for the show. Pixel art is definitely a little harder on the eyes thanks to the fact that it’s not quite as smooth and takes a little more effort to look at, but it’s still pretty impressive considering that the artwork that goes into it has to be just as exact as anything else.

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