Check Out This Next Level Cosplay from Gen Con

Have you ever played Magic: The Gathering, or Dungeons and Dragons? Those kinds of games are what Gen Con is all about. The event is dedicated to board games, card games, pen and paper games, and even computer games. It’s like the mecca for people that are so heavily into this type of gaming and want to experience it on a broader scale. Think of it as a Comic Con for the role-playing and card game enthusiasts. They get all done up just as you would see at Comic Con and come up with some of the most elaborate costumes you’ve ever seen. I do kind of wonder if those in the more expensive costumes are players or if they just wander around the convention looking cool. It seems like it might be kind of ¬†difficult sitting down and playing a game in some of these outfits.

The scythe alone is supremely impressive, but whole costume just works.

LEGO Batman is just skilled like that.

Star Lord knows how to rock out anytime, anywhere.

Iron Man and the Iron Man fan.

What’s in the bag Jessica Jones?

That blade is pretty cool, but the outfit is definitely awesome and the whole look is just, wow.

Aquaman looks like he’s slimming down.

Poison Ivy is rocking the literal look.

It’s impressive to see how much time and effort the people put into their costumes.

I know it’s a prop but from a certain angle that blade looks so real.

Finally! This WAS the droid you were looking for.

I really want to know how much time these folks spend on these costumes, they’re simply amazing.

As a Game of Thrones fan I’m going to say it’s Littlefinger and Sansa, but the hair threw me.

That’s actually very impressive but I wish I knew who it was supposed to be.

Deadpool vamping it up.

Is this Loki’s evil younger sister?

Is that his skin or is he wearing a cover? In any case it’s pretty cool-looking.

Now that you see it from another angle it’s still impressive but now the blade really looks like a prop.

Waaario! Man, how long did it take to make that car?

I know that more of these should be familiar, but despite not recognizing a lot of them I’m still duly impressed.

The last Airbender grew up it seems.

This is one of the more interesting costumes despite being one of the more simple.

These two are from Overwatch, right? Forgive my ignorance I’m into a lot of scifi and fantasy but obviously not all of it.

So is all the rum gone?

This seems like a DIY project that went over pretty well.

Game of Thrones is a hot pick for a lot of cosplayers.

The student and the teacher.

Simplicity seems to be the key in a lot of these outfits and it works very well.

Looks like Laura got an upgrade.

Predator, the early years.

Now that’s what I call an ax.

Someone was messing around in the chicken coop.

Not a guy I would be messing with in any game. He rolled a 1? Okay, DM says you can roll again, just don’t hit me.

Wonder Woman in her conservative wear.

It’s always nice to have others that like to cosplay along with you.

Just looking at this outfit should be able to give someone a bad case of diabetes.

Hail President Skroob!

That has got to be one of the hottest costumes I’ve ever seen. No really, this person should have another person with a portable fan following them around.

Spooky? Check. Creepy? Check. You’re all set.

Now those are some killer wings.

Cammy, reporting for duty!

If nothing else it would be interesting just to go to a Gen Con and walk around.


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