Check Out The “Cops” Opening but With the Office Theme Instead

What if the show COPS used the theme from The Office instead of the Bad Boys theme? Honestly it looks like a Reality TV/sitcom hybrid gone bad. The fact is that while The Office theme is kind of innocent and even bound in a comfortable tune COPS is undeniably violent and overly dramatic at times. Watching a criminal cry in the back seat of a cop car doesn’t exactly spark the same feeling that watching The Office does. But just going along with the flow here you can see how it might put a different spin on the show for people. Instead of being all serious and down to the nitty gritty, COPS might be seen as a community-based show that explores the lives of various officers and how they get through their average day. Wait, isn’t that about how it goes anyway?

But imagine this, cops getting to sit down and talk to the camera like Reality stars, like they do on The Office. What kind of things do you think they’d be allowed to say? Would they get to really tell what their day is like or would they be told to follow a certain script that was laid out for them? My guess is the latter since I would think that the police department wouldn’t want to look too incredibly ridiculous when it came down to what their officers shared with the American public and how it reflected upon them. Really if you look at how that goes on The Office you might want to think twice about letting cops do the same thing. It might not be a bad idea but there’d likely be that one in a hundred or so cops who would go into great detail about how they feel concernig what they do versus what they’d like to do to those they lock up. Don’t act too surprised, cops are human after all and get frustrated just like anyone else.

To be brutally honest the idea of COPS is still kind of silly even after all these years. For the show to even come to a city they have to be invited by an elected official such as a mayor or a governor. They don’t just pick randomly from a jar to see where they might go next. After that they have to select a precinct to go to and then ride around with them for a while to see if the city meets their production needs. In other words, more crime, more interest. That sounds horrible when you really think of it, that a city might gain a bit of recognition on TV because of its soaring crime rate. So many people are interested in the show however that believe it or not you’ll find convicts in county jails watching COPS before anything else at times. Ironic isn’t it?

But trying to put a positive spin on a show like this with a theme song like that from The Office is kind of funny. Too bad they can’t do it for real, that would trip a lot of people out I’m sure.

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